A Surprise Tommy Hilfiger Sample Sale

Yesterday afternoon I got word from a friend of mine about a surprise Tommy Hilfiger sample sale happening in Midtown. My first thought was that she must be confused and probably meant Tory Burch, as that sale just went into markdowns and always attracts big crowds. Yet she insisted that it was indeed Tommy Hilfiger and even texted me a photo of a huge line of shoppers waiting to get inside. This was enough to peak my curiosity plus I was headed to the city anyway. If you’re following me on Twitter you may have seen my little rant regarding the MTA and the joys of public transportation in NYC. Long story short I ended up at the sale with just 10 minutes to spare before they closed at 4pm.

Raise your hand if you were a Tommy Girl back in the day? As a teen growing up in the ’90s chances are that you remember the Tommy Hilfiger obsession that swept the entire nation. While the label no longer enjoys such cult status it certainly has a devoted following as evidenced by the early bird shoppers who waited in line since 7am. It was only a month ago that Tommy Hilfiger held a private employee sample sale at the company’s corporate office at Starrett-Lehigh so it was a big surprise to learn of this week’s event, considering that not a single website or blog had advertised the sale. How the heck did people know then? Based on a few conversations I learned that the early bird shoppers were PVH employees and their friends and family. PVH is a one of the largest global apparel conglomerates that also owns brands like Calvin Klein, Izod, and more. After that, the word of mouth just spread throughout the Garment District attracting passerby shoppers and generating buzz amongst the nearby workers.
Belts/Socks/Hats/Scarves/Ties/Small Make up cases $5
Wallets $10
Shoes $15
Leather $20
Non-leather/canvas/nylon large $15
Non-leather/canvas/nylon small $10
Shorts/Skirts/Tees/Knits/Wovens/Swimwear $5
Sweatshirt/Fleece $10
Pants/Dresses/Denim/Sweaters $15
Blazers $20
Heavy winter coats $25
Leather $35
All clothes $5
All outerwear $10
Since I had less than 10 minutes to shop I was only able to take one photo and to be fair the whole place was a giant chaotic mess! Clothes was thrown all over the tables, strewn across boxes, or just piled on the floor. Womenswear, menswear, and kids apparel was all mixed together making it hard to find something. There were also handbags, belts, shoes, and other accessories. Everyone grabbed a giant plastic bag and proceeded to fill it to the brim. It’s very important to note that the sale is CASH ONLY! Please be sure to stop by an ATM beforehand. Organizers constantly yelled at people to head to the check out line, especially once you had a full bag. Trying on clothes was not permitted and anyone attempting to circumvent the rules was immediately yelled at and threatened to be thrown out. What made all this madness worthwhile were of course the prices, the really really low prices! Like $5-$20 for most everything except outerwear and leather that was $25-$35. I did not see any leather pieces but I did spot a couple of shoppers walking out with cute coats and faux-furs. The sale reopens today at 10am and restocking is expected. As I was leaving the venue I was told by one of the security personnel that they had just received a huge shipment of boxes, particularly kids’ clothing. So if you got little ones it’s really worth going today. Just remember that the sale ends at a rather inconvenient time of 4pm on the dot and that it is CASH ONLY. If you end up going today please update your fellow shoppers on the line situation and selection/restocking if you can. Happy shopping and hope you find some bargain basement deals!
Best get ready to dig through the piles!
At least 50 people waiting to get in

205 West 39th St.
10am – 4pm

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