Versace Sample Sale Ends Today

UPDATE: Extra markdowns! Versace clothing now 90% off, Versace Collection 80%, Versus 80%, Shoes and Jewelry 85% off.

A rare Versace sample sale is coming to an end later today. The sale that’s been running since Sunday morning offered savings of up to 85% off retail on apparel and accessories for women and men. You might remember their previous sale last October when the company opted to turn their private shopping event public. Prices were rock bottom, blow-out proportions ($10-$100) and shoppers were buying in bulk like crazy. This time of course things were very different. Most notably all merchandise consisted of overstock rather than samples, hence the higher prices. Although much to everyone’s surprise (particularly considering the venue which is famous for very high markups) discounts were actually pretty good. At least if you were shopping Sunday morning.

A couple of my friends opted to brave the heavy rain and long lines to get a first crack at this year’s Versace selection. The early birds were rewarded with 90% off umbrellas (about $40) that sold out by noon, as well as 80% off jewelry and 85% off Versace apparel. One of my friends snagged a leather bracelet with gold Medusa logos for only $35. She also got a bunch of $30-$40 men’s t-shirts along with some moderately priced tops and dresses for herself.
Versace 85% off | Versace Collection 75% off | Versus 75% off | Shoes 75% off | Jewelry 80% off | Limited Edition Items 55% off | Handbags 75% off | Belts 75% off | Sunglasses $75 | Printed Velour women’s 85% off | Velour men’s $50-$75 | Men’s swimwear/underwear $50 | Scarves 80% off
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Yesterday I went to check out the sale for myself. First off, all scarves are now completely sold out. The cheaper jewelry (like the bracelet my friend bought) is also gone although there was still a decent selection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces in the $100-$500 price range. Jewelry was only discounted by 80% off retail. The exception was a small section of specially marked red dot limited edition merchandise that was 55% off original price tags. The handbag selection looked virtually untouched and with prices of $600-$1,500 on predominantly impractical styles it wasn’t very surprising. Belts were discounted 75% off and despite the high prices ($150+) people were buying, especially the women’s belts. Men’s accessories could be found on the opposite side, there were more belts, ties, underwear, swim, sunglasses, and bags. The middle of the venue was taken up by apparel. Sizes ranged from 38 to 46 for women and up to XXL for men. Versace clothing was discounted by 85% off while Versace Collection and Versus were only 75% off. Most of the better (affordable) deals have already been swept up. What is there is mainly very flashy, bold, and ostentatious clothes for which Versace is famous for after all. I was drawn to a pink leather jackets with medusa head gold zipper detail but was quickly jolted to reality by the $5,500 price tag. Even with discounts it still comes out to $825. I saw even more expensive python jackets with retail value of $14,000. Even jeans were priced at $1,200 and above. The most affordable items (besides men’s tees) were probably Versace Gym velour pants and sweatshirts, 85% off for women and $50-$75 for men. Unfortunately the hideous purple and gold leopard print patterns were too much for a casual shopper such as myself. At the risk of looking like a Brighton Beach caricature I avoided the velours like the plague! Moving on to the shoes, which are now 75% off retail, the women’s selection was well…….to put it nicely, very Versace but to put it bluntly…..Las Vegas hooker lol I noticed some girls looking at them but it seems as though not a single style had sold out since Sunday. Men’s shoes on the other hand were a far better deal, both in terms of style and prices. Yes they were still expensive but at least there were some bold yet wearable sneakers, low-tops, high tops, slip-ons, loafers, slides, etc.
Please excuse my crappy photos as it wasn’t easy to circumvent Soiffer’s no photo policy and thank you to all my friends who shared their photos! Their pics are the better looking one! 😉

Thanks to my friend NYC Shop Guide for the photos

You can see more of her tweets below
In closing, the whole sale can pretty much be summed up in a single Nicki Minaj outifit. Her entire look from the 2014 Versace bash was available at this week’s sample sale. From that exact dress, to the booties, all the way to the jewelry. So if you ever wanted to channel your inner Minaj now is your chance!
BOTTOM LINE: Sale ends today and there are more discounts although I do not have the exact details. As I mentioned earlier scarves are all gone. What remains of jewelry is pretty pricy and the clothing is very bold and very expensive. Men might fare better with good options in the t-shirt and sportswear departments. men’s shoes are also worth a good look.

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