Century 21 Clearance – Shoe Edition

Century 21 semi-annual clearance sales have become the stuff of legends! Look no farther than last summer when yours truly walked away with an Hermès hat, Lanvin clutch, YSL scarf, and Pucci towels all for less than $40. Not to mention $5 Kate Spade finds. Of course to get these kinds of deals you really need to put in the legwork and perseverance is a must! Currently the sale offers savings of up to 85% off retail prices. Alas, it looks like the old pricing scheme (when discounts were taken off C21 sale price rather than retail) will not be making a comeback. Instead we have to make do with what we got, which isn’t much at this point. So let’s dive in and come up with a game plan!

The key word right now is “up to” yes discounts are only up to 85% off retail. Most high end brands and certain categories still linger in the 60%-75% range. With original prices as high as $5,000 the savings are certainly lackluster. At this point I do not recommend running to your nearest store. Instead you should stop in simply to get the lay of the land, as they say. Familiarize yourself with what styles are on clearance and make a mental note for the future. Aside from the usually clueless tourists most shoppers know to exercise restraint and wait for further markdowns. I expect the deepest discounts to occur by the end of August but be aware that by then the selection may be underwhelming.

Last evening I went to check out what was on offer in the European shoe department at the Downtown C21 flagship. Use the Broadway entrance and take the staircase down to the basement. You’ll find women’s clearance shoes along the back wall as well as right hand side shelves. Major designers like Givenchy, Dior, Lanvin, Sergio Rossi are still nowhere near the advertised 85% off. I spotted discounts of 63%, 68%, 77%, etc. so you get the point. This means prices are still fairly high and if you inspect most of the merchandise, the defects become apparent. For example look at the black Givenchy sandals with missing studs (6th photo). Normally I’d have no issue getting them fixed if they were say under $75 but at over $350 no way! Nicholas Kirkwood sandals (7th photo) with missing straps…….again priced way too high for essentially a damaged shoe. Sure not everything was defective or damaged but definitely be sure to thoroughly inspect every pair of shoes. I also recommend going to the Lincoln Square location where merchandise is usually in much better condition.
While not part of clearance I was quite taken by the new arrivals from Fendi including monster slip-ons and sneakers as well as Karl Loves Fendi high-tops. Of course prices were way too high. Check out the following photos to get an idea of what’s available but heed my advice and wait for more discounts! Happy shopping!

Sophia Webster
Lesser known Euro designers are better bet for lowest prices
Robert Clergerie lace-ups on the left $75
Tory Burch sneakers $55 | flats $99 
Nicholas Kirkwood sandals with missing straps $120 | Pucci flip-flops $40
Givenchy white sandals $265 | black sandals missing studs
Jimmy Choo $145 | Sophia Webster $135
Tabitha Simmons $175 | Philipp Plein $190
Oscar de la Renta $125
Aquazzura $160
Charlotte Olympia $250
Laurance Decade $286
Sergio Rossi $220 
Alexander McQueen 
Lanvin $504 gorgeous heel details but signs of damage 
More Lanvin
Clearance boots from Sergio Rossi and Pucci
Sophia Webster for Coca Cola (not clearance) $200+ 
Fendi! sadly not clearance $290 
Fendi monster slip-on sneakers $360
Karl Loves Fendi high-top sneakers $750
Fendi monster sneakers $600

02 comments on “Century 21 Clearance – Shoe Edition

  • Laura Cowan , Direct link to comment

    So sad about the way they are doing the clearances now. Throughout the year when I've popped in and looked at the clearance racks, the prices are not only that good, but the items are slightly damaged. The major bargain sales are a thing of the past at this store, it would seem. Sigh.

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi Laura! Thank you for visiting the blog 🙂

      It is pretty disappointing, especially seeing damaged shoes priced so high. I think it's still possible to find a few good deals when discounts go above 90% but it's not the old days.

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