Last Day Of Derek Lam And Nili Lotan Sample Sale

This week Clothingline held a special joint sample sale that featured Derek Lam, 10 Crosby, and Nili Lotan. Today is your last chance to shop the offerings with the sale set to end at 7pm. Additional reductions are also in play. The only catch is that you’ll need to buy multiple items in order to take advantage of the newly discounted prices.

Derek Lam and 10 Crosby merchandise consisted entirely of original samples. This of course meant that the sizes were limited, think size 0-4 for apparel and sizes EU38, 40 for Derek Lam shoes. Meanwhile 10 Crosby shoes were available in US7 and 10. If you happen to fit the aforementioned sizes……jackpot! I spotted brand new styles from S/S ’16 collection, some that are not even on sale yet. I’ve personally been lusting after the Montparnasse booties (retail $850) and Kyoto laceless oxfords (retail $750) since the last fashion week. At the sale you can buy them for $175 each, which is granted still a bit pricy for me but if you’re looking to buy multiple pairs it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest discounts. Initially all Derek Lam merchandise was priced at $175 (yes both clothing and shoes) while 10 Crosby was $95. Individual prices are still the same but when you buy 2 items you’ll pay $140 each and so forth. Check out the updated breakdown below.

Derek Lam: $175 or buy any 2 items for $140 each or 3 items for $100 each
10 Crosby: $95 or buy any 2 items for $75 each or 3 items for $55 each
sunglasses and eyeglasses $95 or any 2 for $60 each

Nili Lotan: all prices further reduced
*old price list*
t-shirts $40 | shorts/skirts $60 | cotton blouses $100 | all other blouses $120 | light sweaters/pants $150 | cotton dresses $200 | blazers/outerwear/heavy sweaters $220 | all other dresses $250 | leather $450

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Main thing to be aware of when shopping today is that all items need to be thoroughly inspected for signs of damage. Please allow yourselves an adequate amount of time to look through each piece. The venue even has bright orange flyers posted all over the place warning shoppers to check everything before making a purchase. As with all sample sales its final sale, no returns. In some cases the damage was extensive and likely irreparable so as enticing as it may seem to get a leather jacket for $95 or even $50 when the stains or rips can’t be fixed you’re not really saving anything. Not everything was beyond hope, there were still plenty of pieces in good condition or with minor wear like easily washable stains or light tears along the seams. If you’re curious about how this sale stacks up against Derek Lam’s annual events at 260 then for the most part I’ll tell you that 260 final day discounts are better. At their last sale in October everything was an extra 75% off sale prices, making things over 90% off retail and this included both samples and stock. 10 Crosby and Derek Lam shoes were just $25! What I am curious about is what this sale means for the next official Lam sample sale. Hopefully there will still be samples there too!

The sale also featured a small selection of sunglasses and optical frames priced at $95 or less when you buy multiple pairs. If you’ve been reading this blog then you know my love of MODO, who manufactures eyewear for Derek Lam and other designers. Their prices are just $20! But they don’t come with a case, then again is the case worth an extra $75? That’s for you to decide! Next MODO sale will be in November.

Those interested in Nili Lotan should head towards the back. There you’ll find her signature casual, Boho inspired looks in a wider size variety compared to Derek Lam. I spotted great warm weather friendly caftans, long shirt dresses, trendy off-the-shoulder numbers, and even a few Fall jackets/coats. There is a dressing room for you to try on each piece.

BOTTOM LINE: The sale ends later today and if you happen to be in the neighborhood then it’s worth stopping by for final discounts. Prices are still higher than last day of Derek Lam’s annual sample sales at 260 but fans of the label might be tempted to buy some of his Spring 2016 collection shoes that are currently selling online at full price. The only thing to remember us that the merchandise is all true samples with signs of damages. Be thorough! And happy shopping!
261 West 36th St., 2nd Floor
11am – 7pm

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