The M.A.C. Daddy Of All Beauty Sample Sales

Living in New York City we are blessed with access to such a multitude of designer sample sales. Shopping major luxury and contemporary labels has become second nature but beauty sales have proven to be a more elusive beast. It is only in the past few years that more and more skincare and cosmetics brands are joining the fray and offering up their selections at highly affordable sample sale prices. This year alone we’ve had sales from Korres, Ahava, Chantecaille, and k-beauty darlings like Club Clio, JKNLEE, and Peach & Lily. It was only a matter of time before the big guns joined the party and we welcome them with open arms! The first-ever M.A.C sample sale runs through Friday and offers savings of 60% off retail.

Much to no one’s surprise the sale attracted a huge crowd of shoppers. If you’re familiar with the events at Metropolitan Pavilion you know that the lines can sometimes stretch down 18th Street and turn the corner to Sixth Avenue. Well, yesterday all previous records were shattered! The line not only snaked up Sixth Avenue but turned the corner on 19th Street and continued down the block! Insanity I tell you! Dedicated shoppers braved the blazing sun, stifling heat, and extra long wait times all or a chance to snag some highly coveted cosmetics 🙂 I joined my friend and fellow blogger Le Hoarder, who also brought along her little girl. We cozied under a giant umbrella and waited for the doors to open. If you plan on going, here are some absolute musts: SPF, bottled water, sun hat or umbrella, and lots of patience!

The sun was out in full force! SPF people, SPF!
Here’s the line (view from above Sixth Ave) shortly before the sale closed at 5pm
The promised land!

Once inside there is a mandatory bag check. After that you’ll be handed a shopping basket to fill up with lots of colorful goodies. So here are some basics: everything is a flat 60% off original prices, you can see the pricelist in the photo below. Most of the stock consists of lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils/crayons, eyeshadow, blushers, and loads of nail polish. If you’re looking for foundation, concealers, eyeliners, or mascara you are sadly out of luck. The good news is that they are receiving new shipments on a daily basis although no one knows what’s inside. There was a small batch of eyeliners at opening but they sold out within the first 30 minutes. The only thing closest to foundation were these Lightful 2 in 1 Serum with Radiance Boosters that featured a tinted moisturizer for light coverage. Everything available was neatly displayed on tables inside the spacious venue. Lip products can be found along the left hand side while eye products and nail polish were on the right. There were display testers for each product but you weren’t allowed to actually swatch anything. I found that highly counterproductive considering that each table was set up with makeup removers, wipes, and tissue. I mean, really? That of course did not deter the more intrepid customers who casually swiped their fingers against the testers. I do hear that today they are letting you swatch! Anyone else confirm this? As an alternative I saw many people look up popular sights like Temptalia for swatch comparisons. 

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The lipstick section clearly was the most popular spot as shoppers tried to figure out what shade to get. M.A.C. staffers included corporate and store employees as well pro makeup artists. Everyone was superfriendly and helpful. Don’t be shy and ask about specific products or just recommendations. Specific shades, particularly among lip gloss were selling out very quickly. The two primary varieties of lipstick and gloss were in Huggable and Cremesheen. Most shades were also limited edition, not many signature classics. The only special-edition items came from the Brooke Candy collaboration and included lipsticks, polish, and shadow (in only a few shades). Overall there was good range of lip colors from nudes to bright reds, hot pinks, and even deep plums and purples. Nail polish was the most abundant product that everyone seemed to ignore. For $5-$6 give it a look-over, you might be surprised! The sale runs through Friday and there will be more restocking. It is looking increasingly unlikely that they’ll have foundations or concealers and if you want eyeliners you better be among the first 10 people inside. I will update you if I learn something new or if there’s any word of additional markdowns. If you are headed to the sale after work please keep an eye on social media as yesterday the line was stopped two hours ahead of the official closing time. I find that with most sales taking place at Metropolitan Pavilion its best to arrive at least 45min to an hour before closing, unfortunately they are not the best at communicating with the lines outside and I don’t want you guys to waste your time.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking to stock up on lip products or nail polish you will love this sale! The lines have gotten better as the sale progressed so don’t be deterred by the thought of a long waiting time. Try to avoid lunchtime if possible, that’s the busiest time by far. Please share your hauls and happy shopping!
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 West 18th St., 4th Floor
Wednesday – Thursday  9am – 7pm
Friday  9am – 4pm

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