A "Mellon"-choly Goodbye

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

UPDATE: Tamara Mellon now 85% off retail. Lulu Frost now extra 25% off sale prices.

After getting my fill of beauty and skincare at Korres my sample sale-ing adventures continued a few blocks west on Greene street where the joint Tamara Mellon and Lulu Frost sample sale is currently taking place. As many of you may know, Tamara Mellon's eponymous label went belly up earlier this year when the designer was forced to file for bankruptcy. It was sad news for fans of the former Jimmy Choo co-founder who have become accustomed to shopping her bargain bonanza sample sales. While Tamara Mellon plans to relaunch her label in LA, for us New Yorkers this week's sale represents a last opportunity to snag her signature designs at (not exactly) liquidation prices.

I have been fortunate to shop every single Tamara Mellon sample sale where I've scored unbelievable bargains like $10 sample shoes and dresses, $50 stock footwear, $100 leather and outerwear, along with highly discounted handbags. This time though discounts were a flat 80% off original retail. That may entice the uninitiated and they sure were hauling clothes and shoes as if they were the last pack of bottled water at a supermarket before some major apocalypse! Oh my! Being a sample sale veteran I knew better and thus refrained from any shopping (at least until extra markdowns kick in). The prices weren't terrible, in some cases they were actually rather enticing: $65 Vertigo velvet pumps, $160 suede skirts, and $79 silk blouses. Most merchandise came from the more recent collections but I did see a few repeats from the last sample sale, like the yellow dress in photo #18. Overall the venue was well stocked with Mellon's signature animal prints, suede, fringe skirts/dresses, sheer blouses, leather jumpsuits, and of course shoes. Heels and a handful of flat sandals can be found all the way in the back. Most styles had decent back stock but shoppers were going crazy for reasons I cannot comprehend and popular styles/sizes were going quick! Average prices were around $150 but there were shoes as cheap as $65 (those velvet pumps) and prices went as high as $250 for boots. Boots and booties can be found along the left wall and consisted mainly of tall suede boots like Nico and Dolly $199 (retail $995) and suede booties like Texas Summer also $199. Clothes prices started at $50 for basic tees and $59 for shorts but went as high as $785 for one cool ivory and black zebra stripe open front coat (last photo, just before Lulu pics begin). Average prices though were in the $80-$175 range. There were no handbags except for two clutch styles ($199) seen in the gallery below.

The right side of the venue was dedicated to Lulu Frost jewelry and accessories. Prices started at $25 for pins $30 for hair accessories, keyrings, cufflinks, and tie bars. There were six tables including two display counters with $60-$115 necklaces, $65 bracelets, $40-$75 earrings, and $45 rings. I spotted popular pieces like Petra Mosaic statement necklace, Cleo triple necklace, and Nightshade cuff.

BOTTOM LINE: Since this is very likely the last ever Tamara Mellon sample sale I can't begrudge any shoppers from taking advantage of current discounts but I would rather wait for additional markdowns. Of course the big question is what will be left by then? As for Lulu Frost, prices were pretty decent but everyone seemed to be enthralled by Tamara Mellon's goods.

150 Greene St.
Wednesday - Saturday  11am - 7pm
Sunday  11am - 5pm


  1. Great reporting and pictures, as usual PH! Love reading your blog to determine whether I should go to the sales or not :) Do you recall how much was that fringe suede skirt by any chance? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Julia! The skirts with the bright color fringe were $750 so $112.50 now and the others were $1,295 ($194.25). Not bad but not the $75-$100 we're used to paying!

  2. Thank you! Looking forward to more reports (and more sample sales:))!


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