Derma Dr.Lab Now Available At Walmart

Korean beauty and skincare has been garnering widespread media attention in US. Ever since last year’s Sephora k-beauty spotlight more and more retailers have embraced Korean brands and products. As consumers are becoming better educated with regards to their skincare options they are seeking alternatives to a one size fits all approach we’ve become so accustomed to in the past. Instead a Korean beauty routine aims to better suit each person’s individual needs with a targeted approach to specific skincare concerns. Derma Dr.Lab aims to do just that with one of the biggest skincare launches at America’s largest retailer, Walmart.
Starting today you can shop Derma Dr.Lab products at This is the second biggest Korean Beauty brand launch in US by any retailer (just behind last week’s Soo Ae sheet mask launch at all 3,000 locations) with the products now available at 620 Walmart stores! Derma Dr. Lab is a special sub collection under Dr. G, developed by the world renowned dermatologists of Gowoonsesang Dermatology Network, Korea’s leading group of dermatologists led by Dr. Gun Young Ahn. Hydromoist skincare line is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. The nutrient-rich formula effectively restores moisture and stabilizes the skin’s water and lipid balance. Formulated with Bio Ferment Science ComplexT, a patented and special blend of fermented plant extracts including chaga mushroom, magnolia flower, soybean and lotus, and Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs). The line consist of seven products, five of which can now be purchased at select Walmart stores and online (the serum should go live later tonight).

*Photo credit: Dr.G North America

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