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Late Tuesday evening I got word that Club Clio, a South Korean cosmetics company founded by professional makeup artists, will be hosting their first official sample sale. Their products have won numerous beauty awards across Asia and most recently the company has received an investment of $60 million from LVMH. Club Clio’s brands include Clio Professional, Peripera, and Goodal. The sale is taking place inside their Union Square flagship store and runs through Sunday. Discounts go as high as 90% off retail with prices starting at just $2.
At times described as a Korean version of M.A.C., Club Clio is your destination for quality makeup at prices that won’t break your wallet and with sample sale prices, well…… won’t need to think twice! I was first introduced to their products thanks to the Peach & Lily sample sale (that oddly enough is also coming up next week) and have become a huge fan. Their Kill Black eyeliners and Kill Brow eyebrow products have reached cult status among k-beauty lovers worldwide. 

I arrived a few hours before closing to find a lively venue with a handful of after work shoppers checking out the deals. The always kind and attentive store associates were on hand to help answer any questions. Let’s face it I generally tend to have a million questions, especially at a beauty sample sale so I greatly appreciate everyone’s assistance. Please follow along and check out the whopping 70+ photos from the sale as I break it all down and tell about almost every product that’s part of this sample sale. As soon as you enter you’ll notice specially marked tables with the sample sale items and that’s where we’ll start. Right in front of you is a table with Goodal Phyto series skincare products like Acaiberry Brightening Emulsion for $5 or 3 items for $10 (retail $30). Things are either individually priced or you can buy more from a specific category for greater discounts. In the $10 (or 3 for $20) category you can find other Goodal products like:

Next up were Ostia Peptide Filler sheet masks in Aqua and Whitening. These masks are kind of unique and differ from your standard sheet masks in that they also feature a separate neck sheet. They were priced at $20 for a box of 10 (retail $70) or 3 boxes for $50. All other sheet masks, along with everything that’s not part of the sample sale were half off. Donkey Milk and Soo Ae Hangbang are particularly worth trying and 50% off is actually a pretty good deal for such items. Don’t just stick to the sample sale sections!

On the other half of the table housing Goodal’s Phyto series you’ll also find Clio Professional and Peripera foundation products. There are BB and CC creams, pressed powder compacts, liquid foundations, color correctors, and of course cushions. These items are also priced at $10 each of 3 for $20. It’s worth noting that there was a limited range of colors with mostly lighter shades like 1 and 2 or 21 and 23. First items I noticed, due to their luxe red packaging were Clio Diamond Rose Blemish Balm and HD Base sets that include two products, the second being a deluxe travel size version. I have never seen these items and from what I’ve been able to glean online they appear to be from a rather old line so as always expiration dates are worth checking. Next to them are Clio’s VF21 Tone Corrector CC color correctors (retail $27) in lemon merengue and rosehip as well as All That Cover Perlfection Wear Sheer Blenders (retail $32) in tan, yellow, and apricot. Then there are cream compacts like VF21 All In Balm CC (retail $38), cushions like VF21 Cushion CC, Peripera Watery Face Pride Up (retail $40), and Kill Cover pressed powder compacts (retail $35). There were cushions and foundation products in the $5 category as well and we’ll get to them in a bit.

The tables with the most action were of course the ones with the $2 products. Among them were single eyeshadows, lipstick, nail polish, nail art stickers, liquid shadows, and eyeliners. You’ll recognise many of these products from both JKNLEE and Peach & Lily sample sales where they were similarly priced. More is always better of course so when you buy 3 items from this category you’ll only pay $5. Now I know the biggest question everyone always has concerns black eyeliners and sadly whether liquid or pencil there were none to be had. In fact I would describe most colors in the sample sale area as mostly very bright, glittery, or seasonal. No classics here but I suppose that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. If you do want a good black liner I highly recommend the Kill Black and Twisturn products available for 50% off.
  • Peripera Tap Tap Eyeshadow
  • Peripera Nail Polish
  • Peripera Nail Dresser
  • Peripera My Color Lips
  • Peripera Saturday Night Liner
  • Clio Liquid Shadow

After that we have the $5 or 3 for $10 category which includes Clio Art Shadow pacts with rich pigmented baked eyeshadows, Gelpresso waterproof pencils in glittery and pastel shades, glitter eyeliners, Twisturn liquid eyeliner, Peri liner, Twistup mascara, Salon de Cara mascara that initially thought was a hair product lol (the packaging is confusing) Clio Lipnicure lip gloss, Peripera Peri’s Tint crayons and Water Balm, Peripera My Skin Pact, Heart Glow Pact, and Cover BB Powder compacts, Clio CC VF 21 cushions, and Clio Kamaflage Foundation and stick concealers. I swatched all available eyeliners so you can have a pretty good idea of whats available.

Finally we have the $10 or 3 for $20 beauty section where you’ll find lipsticks and lip gloss like Peripera Rouge Pang (retail $16) and Lumi Pang (retail $14) as well as Clio Gelpresso Melting Lipstick. This completes our tour of all the sample sale products (sorry if I missed anything) available this week. I was told that no new items will be added and that there will not be any restocking. If you’re interested please continue below as I wanted to highlight some of the new and classics products that may not be part of the sample sale but with 50% off discounts that’s just as good!

Besdies their own triumvirate of brands, Club Clio also carries skincare products from Dr.G, Soo Ae, and Ostia. Take a look at some their must haves as well as classic Clio and Peripera beauty products.




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BOTTOM LINE: First off congratulations for making it all the way to the bottom of this post……unless you just scrolled down in which case boooooo! Anyway, this took over six hours to complete not to mention the time I spent at the sale so hope you can appreciate it 🙂

This is a great sale to stock up on budget friendly cosmetics products. Some of the merchandise was fairly similar to what was on sale at JKNLEE pre-opening sample sale. If you’ve already stocked up during the 50% off sales at JKNLEE Seaport pop-up you might not be quite so tempted but trust me, you won’t walk away empty handed! The sale runs through Sunday and there are plenty of products to choose from. Do be mindful of expiration dates as many of these items will expire sometime this year. Some Korean products only list a manufacture date so please don’t freak out if you see 2014 or 2015, it just means that depending on product category it should be used within the next 1-3 years.

Club Clio Union Square
11 West 14th Street
Wednesday – Sunday
10am – 8pm

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