Peach & Lily Sample Sale Returns!

Next week the highly anticipated Peach & Lily sample sale returns for another round. Last year the company held their first-ever sample sale and for that matter the first-ever New York City k-beauty sample sale. Founded by Alicia Yoon, Peach & Lily is arguably one of the most popular and well regarded e-commerce sites curating Korean beauty and skincare products. The sale promises savings of up to 80% off original retail and this time with much wider skincare selection. There is also a larger new venue that will be able to accommodate more customers and make for a pleasant shopping experience. The biggest difference from a year ago is that this will be a one day only event.

Peach & Lily have been mentioned in Vogue, Allure, and a slew of other western fashion publications. Alicia Yoon is a frequent contributor on Byrdie and Into The Gloss and has turned her company into one of the most popular k-beauty destinations for American shoppers. The reason is simple: quality! Peach & Lily curates some of the top Korean brands that are extremely hard (if not impossible) to find in the states. Among them is Shangpree, famous for their gold modeling masks, this iconic spa company creates skincare products with the highest standard of quality their customers have come to expect. This of course translates to higher than average prices but that’s where a sample sale comes in handy. Last year their products were priced at just $20! I have received word from the event organizers that not only Shangpree but also Cremorlab, Dr.Dream, Be The Skin, Maycoop, 24/7, Lady & Skin, Mizon, as well as newest additions: Kicho and Lagom will be available at highly discounted prices up to 80% off retail. At their last sample sale I found $5-$10 Mizon moisturizers, toners, and cleansers. Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream was just $15 (retail $54), Cremorlab’s popular Mineral Treatment Essence was going for $20 (retail $42) and their Triple Bright Floral Bloom Cream was also $20 (retail $72). There were a lot of great deals but it’s worth noting that certain products like the aforementioned snail cream can easily be found for $15-$20 on Amazon. My advice is to look for products and brands that aren’t readily available in US or rarely go on sale. Last year there were also color (beauty) products from Clio, Peripera, and Tony Moly starting at $3. With Club Clio currently holding their own sample sale you will need to do some price comparisons. 
Be sure to RSVP at [email protected] for sample sale news and announcements. This will not grant you early admission just f.y.i. The organizers have also kindly provided me with a few photos of products that will be available at the sample sale.

Here are a few logistics to keep in mind before you make your way to the venue:

  • Sale runs from 8am to 10pm (or until everything is sold out)
  • It’s a one day sale
  • Get there early
  • Avoid lunch time like the plague!
  • Expect long lines, especially during lunch time or right after work
  • Bring only a wallet to avoid waiting in the bag check line
  • Expect long lines at the register
  • If you see something you like put it in your bag immediately (you can look it up online while you’re waiting to pay)
  • Only use the “testers” and do not open new products
  • Check the expiration dates, the higher the discount the sooner the expiration date
  • RSVP to stay up to date on the latest news and daily announcements
  • Be sure to enter contests and giveaways (more details on that later) #PeachPartyNYC

Peach & Lily Second Annual Sample Sale
250 West 39th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.)
Wednesday, August 24
8am – 10pm

*Photos courtesy of Peach & Lily

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