Peach Party 2.0

Yes my fellow beauty lovers today is the day! It’s time for #PeachPartyNYC otherwise known as the second annual Peach & Lily sample sale. The popular K-beauty curation site is in the midst of hosting their annual sale where beauty junkies and skincare addicts can stock up on cult Korean products for a fraction of their retail value. With advertised savings of up to 80% off and prices starting at just $3 the event unsurprisingly drew a dedicated crowd of shoppers, as many as 150 people were waiting before 9am.

The biggest difference compared to last year is that this is a one day only event. From 8am until 10pm (or until inventory runs out) you’ll have a chance to stock up on skincare products from Shangpree, Mizon, Lady & Skin, Aromatica, Cremorlab, Be The Skin, May Coop, Dr. Dream, Caolion, The Lotus Jeju, along with the latest curations from Kicho and Lagom. This is but a tip of the rose water infused iceberg. Pretty much every brand carried by Peach & Lily is available at this year’s sale. Better yet, we’re not just talking about soon to expire products but items with expiration dates well into 2018 and in some cases far beyond. These are brand new best-selling products. Prices start at only $3 for sheet masks and beauty and go up to $35 for the really high-end stuff. Now if you recall, last time prices topped out at $20 although you didn’t have items like Dr. Dream Radiance Powder Set or Lady & Skin Yesulhan Cream (sold out within the first 30 minutes). Peach & Lily took all of last year’s lessons to heart so now they were much better prepared with each item individually marked and sporting color coded stickers. There were no testers and customers were asked not to open anything. You open, you buy. Another big change from a year ago is the venue. If last year was a real Peach Party with champagne and ice cream then this year the message was loud and clear: we’re here to shop! In true Garment District form, the venue evoked a warehouse vibe replete with opened cardboard boxes. I am posting this from my phone so please excuse any formatting, low-photo quality issues. I want to be able to give you all the relevant info as quickly as possible but won’t be near a computer until this evening. I also have another major beauty event to attend this afternoon *gasp*
Green $3 | Yellow $6 | Orange $10 | Blue $15 | Silver $22 | Gold $35
Last year’s sale was not only my introduction to Peach & Lily but to Korean beauty and skincare in general. Thanks to Alicia Yoon, company’s founder and Tracy from Fan Serviced-B (one of the leading k-beauty bloggers) I was able to learn so much and get a first hand introduction to skincare routines and latest product innovations. Alicia was once again on hand to guide the shoppers and offer product advice. I got a chance to chat with her and she even recognized me from Instagram! I was speechless! She must be the nicest most down to earth CEO and you could feel how much passion she has for her business. I asked her about restocking and whether the sale will remain open until 10pm. The good news is that they have over 200 different products and they are continually replenishing existing stock. Unfortunately items that are already sold out will not be restocked. They are anticipated large after work crowds and are prepared!

A year ago I picked up so many great items and (shhhh) still haven’t gotten around to using everything lol but I was determined to come back for the things I missed or simply didn’t know about last time. My holy grail involved getting my hands on the luxurious product line-up from Shangpree, Korea’s leading spa that has been featured by numerous world renowned publications. Alicia herself swears by their Long Lasting Concentrated Serum and that green bottle was at the top of my list. I was extatic to find it although it was priced a bit higher than I anticipated $35 (compared to $20). Then again the retail is $120 so you’re still getting a good bang for your buck! Thank you Ceci for snagging a few for me 🙂

I really wanted to concentrate on products that are not readily available online or are just hard to find on sale. While I adore Mizon and their snail mucin creams you can easily get them at Target, Amazon, etc. for comparable prices. Shangpree, Cremorlab, Dr. Dream on the other hand are much harder to find and most certainly nowhere near the $10-$35 price range. A few stand out examples include the following:
  • Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Mask $22 (retail $60)
  • Shangpree Avocado Sheet Mask $3 (retail $6)
  • Kicho Sheep Oil Cream $15 (retail $58)
  • Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream $15 (retail $78)
  • Aromatica Balancing Toner $10 (retail $24)
  • Lady & Skin Yesulhan Signature Cream $35 (retail $296)
  • Dr. Dream Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence Set $10 (retail $110)
  • May Coop Raw Sauce Mini $10 (retail $14)
  • Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream $10 (retail $38)
  • Caolion Bab Pool Cool Water Cream Stick $10 (retail $39)
This year it was definitely all about skincare but beauty lovers shouldn’t feel neglected as there was a good selection of color cosmetics products. There were lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliners, shadows, pencils, blushers, powders, and much more. A good portion of beauty products were Clio and Peripera but there were also Shangpree and Mizon foundations. Club Clio just held their own sample sale last week where prices were as low as $2 and there is quite a bit of overlap with this sale. Here everything was priced at just $3.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a one day only sale so don’t wait, go now! There is no restocking but items already on display are being replenished throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you can stroll in at 9pm and expect to have your pick of the merchandise. Popular items like masks, serums, essence are going fast and certain brands may already be sold out. Lunch time lines will be painful, there’s no other way to put it. As I was leaving the sale around 11am there was no line at all but that may change come lunchtime. Good luck to everyone and hope you’ll share your hauls with me 🙂 Don’t forget to enter the daily contests and giveaways, just follow Peach & Lily on Twitter and Instagram for more details.

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    Messed up a bit on some of the pricing examples. Dr.Dream Radiance Powder (singles), May Coop mini, and Caolion Water Stick were actually $6 not $10! Oops.

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