Upcoming Sample Sales – Testing New Widget

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Hi guys! Hope you can bear with me on this FriYay 🙂 I’ve been testing out various events widgets and add-ons trying to find a more streamlined solution to adding new sample sales to the blog. My previous method was completely manual and to make matters worse I could only edit that page on a desktop computer or be stuck using HTML on mobile. Don’t want to get too technical here but the bottom line is that Blogger platform has terrible widget options or actually doesn’t have any. I really can’t deal with the manual method anymore so I’m hoping this new widget does the job.

That was quick! Apparently they’re sneaky with their plan options and even though I signed up for a free version they automatically enable the premium trial. Sorry to say but I’m not paying $20-$40 a month! I do this for free because I love sharing these deals with you, I don’t get paid by the brands and get next to nothing from ads so any paying calendar option is completely out of the question. *sigh* back to the drawing board it is.

Please let me know how you like it or if you know of other alternatives since 90% of events/calendar widgets and add-ons are designed for WordPress and not Blogger 🙁

Also if you haven’t yet visited my brand new Facebook page please check it out! I would really appreciate a few more page likes. Surely there are more than 13 people who read this blog.

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