Blow It Up! Sample Sale Style

Today is your last chance to take advantage of Clothingline‘s major blowout sample sale currently taking place inside their Garment District venue. The two day sale features women’s apparel from Theory, Free People, Inhabit, Derek Lam, AG, Nili Lotan, B3.0, and more with savings of up to 98% off retail. Prices start at just $5-$10 and while this sounds incredible there are some things you should be aware of so please read on!

First off not everything was $5-$10 but there were some bargains to be had. The best deals could be found in the back where Theory tops and (predominantly) bottoms were $10 while jackets/blazers were $20. Racks were organized by designer and there was so much merchandise that the space usually dedicated to the makeshift dressing room was used to display more goods. Sadly that means there are no mirrors and you really aren’t allowed to try anything on although you should still give it a go when the staffers aren’t looking 😉 Sizing really depends on each brand; samples were mostly S/XS but there were also overstock items with sizes up to 12. As you enter, you’ll see a single rack of Inhabit knitwear with prices $20/$30/$40. Next up are the sale’s most priciest items: Derek Lam $75 and 10 Crosby $45. These prices are across the board so it makes no difference whether you’re buying a simple tank or a tweed jacket. Personally I’m not a fan of this type of pricing. Most of Derek Lam’s apparel were left overs from the last sample sale and included many original samples in unfinished/damaged form. In fact “damaged” was the big theme of the event. Majority of the merchandise on display were damages and irregulars. If you can spare an hour or more it could be worth it to dig through the racks, you might be able to find one or two good items but for the most part this sale can be described with one word: pants! (both figuratively and literally). Literally because at least 70% off the merchandise consisted of trousers and jeans. Figuratively because (if you’re familiar with British slang) pants means crap/garbage/poop/lame, so you get the idea lol Don’t get me wrong, getting a pair of $150-$300 pants for $10 is a steal but the styles were either outdated, boring, damaged, dirty, etc. Theory blazers were actually a nice deal and I saw many styles with retail tags of $395. One of my Instagram followers was kind enough to share her amazing deals that included leather pants and leather panel jacket! She was amongst the first people to shop the sale yesterday. By the time I arrived there were no lines and despite the abundance of apparel it felt picked over. No leather obviously and not much outerwear either. If you’re a fan of girly Bohemian looks there was a lot of Free People dresses ($20) and tops ($10). Sizes were mostly XS with a few size Smalls sprinkled in. There were also accessories like $5 intimates by Free People and Mar Y Sol straw hats ($25), clutches ($30), and bags/totes ($40).

BOTTOM LINE: If you need pants then this is the sale for you but if all you want is a nice practical designer piece you might leave thinking that this sale was total pants! (Say it with an English accent) Today is the last day and if you’re in the neighborhood then give it a shot otherwise I don’t think you really need to run over.
261 West 36th St., 2nd Floor
Tuesday – Wednesday
11am – 7pm

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