Century 21 Stores’ Epic Labor Day Deals

It’s clearance time at our favorite designer bargain destination. The 90% off discounts actually kicked off two weeks ago but there have been even more incremental markdowns this week. In celebration of Labor Day, Century 21 is running a great promotion where you can save $20 off your $100 purchase or $40 off your $200 purchase. Its available both in-store and online! To make things even better you can use the coupons on top of the clearance prices for some really slick deals! 

Here’s what you need to know. Yes, the discounts are still taken off of the “value” aka retail price but it’s not a flat 90% off. In some cases you’ll see 93% or even 96% which does make a huge difference when we’re talking about a $5,000 item. This is all summer merchandise so think lots of color, prints, and whites, particularly when it comes to women’s apparel. As you know the downtown location receives immense foot traffic from tourists and locals alike so the clearance merchandise isn’t exactly in the most pristine condition. I highly advise inspecting all knits and beaded items. Nearly all white tops and dresses that I saw had stains of some sort so you have to take the dry cleaning bill into account. I focused primarily on European designer apparel but did check on contemporary labels as well. Each floor has one or two designated clearance sections. They consist of several densely packed racks and organized by size but again due to the foot traffic things may end up on the wrong racks. Inspect everything! I recommend devoting at least 1.5 to 2 hours otherwise you might miss the hidden gems.
Use promo code: C21LABORDAY to save online
There was a lot of Emilio Pucci and Valentino women’s clothing. Embellished blazers and jeans, bright colorful skirts, lace dresses but even with over 90% off prices weren’t always a bargain. For instance a pair of suede embellished trousers was 95% off, great! right? Not quite because they were still $410 (down from $9,870 retail). An even crazier example is the Fausto Puglisi skirt at 92% off but will set you back $722 (retail $12,395). A darling Valentino floral lace dress was $948 (retail $6,685). These were just some of the exorbitant examples to get out of the way so now we can focus on more accessible deals. Tory Burch embellished top was $59 (retail $599) I actually remember seeing it at the last couple of sample sale for way more. The good thing is that they had more than one example and a fair size selection as well. Tracy Reese short dress was just $23, DVF dresses $29-$59, Ter Et Bantine print trousers $38 (retail $740), Alice & Olivia lace tops for $39. Then there were of course bargain fast fashion pieces like a $9 Ivanka Trump dress that I wouldn’t touch if it was free lol. Unfamiliar brands like Emerald Sundae with their $4 red shirt dresses, Cynthia Rowley pink lace dress $35, etc.
The accessory section is usually where I strike gold and this year was no exception! The creme de la creme of my finds came from the recently relocated designer handbag section which can now be found next to the sunglasses area. There was a small selection of bags listed as up to 90% off retail. Since its behind a glass case you need an SA to help you and I always feel a bit weird asking them for individual bag prices. After all I’m not really there to buy a particular bag but rather to see whats cheap! A Moschino quilted backpack was over $500, a large Pucci tote $900+ so I really wasn’t expecting much but I do know that non-leather bags usually offer the best deals. I saw a cute satin bag with stone embellishments and figured what the heck, let’s ask how much! To my shock and delight the SA said $55. At first I was certain that I must have misheard, after all the good old days of 90% off Century prices are long gone. Finally I asked to “inspect” the bag and yes, it really was $55. Things get even better because the value price was listed at $921!!! Score! :D But wait, it gets better than that. When I got home and did some online sleuthing I found this exact bag (sold out now) on Outnet for $1,525 retail. Now that’s the kind of bargain I can get behind and what makes spending endless hours sifting through racks and navigating the crowds worthwhile. Of course since I’m such an obsessive deal hunter I had to find something else to get me over $100 threshold to use the $20 coupon lol I checked out the jewelry section where I found some nice 90% off deals on Swarovski rings, Unfortunately it turns out that discounts depend on sizes, meaning only size 6 rings were 90% off. Other sizes were only 70% – 80% off but still reasonable ($30-$40). I also found a pair of basic Kate Spade earrings for $5 (retail $49) nothing major but it made me happy. I recommend checking out the sunglasses section as well as there were some good deals like $30 Marc Jacobs and $50-$60 Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, etc. So take advantage of this weekend’s deals and head downtown. Hope you do as well as I did :) Happy shopping!
Emilio Pucci shoulder bag for $55? Crazy! Retails for $1,525

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