Getting Sheetfaced At JKNLEE

If you’ve been following my Instagram account you might know that I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to sheet masks. Throw in a good sale or better yet a sample sale and I’ll be powerless to resist! Such was the case with JKNLEE Labor Day sale currently taking place at their Chinatown store. After partaking in all the amazing beauty deals last month (Club Clio, Peach & Lily, JKNLEE Seaport, Korres, and not to mention all the online deals) I really didn’t expect to splurge but……. never say never, as the saying goes 😉 

When I arrived at the venue last evening the first thing I noticed were boxes of sheet masks marked two (masks) for $1. Suddenly the no buy September was coming to an end before it even began! JKNLEE carries almost an identical range of products and brands as sister store, Club Clio but with bigger emphasis on skincare. The sheet masks in question were from the Cure (sometimes spelled Qure) series manufactured by Soo Ae, which is one of Korea’s top sheet mask producers. They manufacture close to 80% of all masks that are made in Korea. After seeing such incredibly low prices my first reaction was to check the expiration dates and guess what? They’re good through 2018! So haul to your heart’s content 🙂 There was a good variety of masks that included: Brightening, Green Tea, Aloe, Tea Tree, Potato, Collagen, Red Ginseng, Cucumber, Propolis, Vitamin C, and more. There were also Soo Ae Nature Series masks available for $1 each and are a worthy investment as well. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more then you can try Ostia Peptide Filler sheet masks (that include a separate piece for your neck). A box of 10 is just $20 (retail $70) or buy 3 boxes for $50. Ostia’s Pure Essence Snail Gel Masks were also part of the same promotion but if you’ve shopped last month’s Club Clio or the first JKNLEE sample sale then you would have already gotten them at much cheaper prices.

Save up to 90% off select products and 50% off entire store
Soo Ae The Cure/Qure sheet masks 2 for $1 and Nature Series $1 each
how can you say no to 2 for $1 deals?!
my not so modest haul 🙂
Ostia Peptide Filler and Pure Essence Gel masks $20 per box of 10

The Chinatown store is a tiny location, especially compared to the Seaport but luckily and probably thanks to the bad weather it wasn’t too crowded yesterday. The sample sale merchandise can be found on the big table in the middle of the room. It’s mostly the same products and deals as the Clio sample sale. Prices start at $2 for various makeup and cosmetics products like Peripera tap-tap single eye shadows, Clio Professional eye pencils and mascaras, nail polish, etc. Items are split into various price point categories: $2, $5, $10, or $20. You also get the bulk deals like buying three $5 products will only cost you $10 and so on. The rest of the beauty lineup included Clio Lipnicure, Art Gloss, Art Shadow Trio, Twisturn eyeliners, Gelpresso pencils, Peripera Peri’s tint lip crayons and gloss, BB and CC creams, Kamaflage foundation, Kill Cover concealers, powder compacts and cushions. Please check out the photos for all the available products.

If you’re interested in skincare the selection once again included Goodal Phyto series products like Acaiberry and Murumuru Seed but I did spot a few “new” items. There was Phytoplex Maca Radiance Toner and Phytovital Cupuacu Sleeping Mask. Both were $10 each or 3 for $20. It’s worth noting that none of the skincare products had an expiration or manufacture date but the staffers assured me that they should be good for at least 1-1.5 years.

Goodal skincare $10 each or 3 for $20
Goodal Phytoplex Maca Radiance toner $10
Goodal Phytovital Cupuacu sleeping mask $10
$5 skincare and makeup products or 3 items for $10 
nice but small selection of sample sale skincare

Another great thing about this sale is that once again the rest of the store is also half off! This means that you can buy all the new and hot items at almost bargain prices. Clio‘s ever popular and award-winning Kill Brow pencils and Kill Black eyeliners, Dr.G peeling gommage gel and the new Aquassis skincare line, Goodal Waterest products like the fermented oils and essences. Soo Ae Freeset Donkey Milk masks are the talk of all skincare bloggers and fashionistas alike and they’re amazing to use during cold winter months. Be sure to ask the staff for recommendations and product advice for your specific skin concerns. Everyone was super  friendly and helpful! So if you’re spending this weekend in the city then make it a good one and shop some must-have k-beauty products.

JKNLEE Chinatown
2 East Broadway
Thursday – Monday
10:00am – 8pm

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