Magaschoni Two Day Sale

Starting today Magaschoni is hosting a two day sample sale inside their midtown showroom. The New York City based company is known for their knitwear and cashmere and is sold at major department stores. I’ve been meaning to write about their sales for some time now. They tend to have a sale every two months, always on Thursdays and Fridays and the discounts are seriously amazing. Think up to 90% off with prices as low as $10 plus there’s always a good selection of original samples.

Earlier this summer I had a chance to check out one of their sales and let me tell you……..the prices were  cheaper than I could have imagined! There was nothing over $60 and prices started at just $5 for accessories like bags and belts. Unbelievable? Right! Granted there was only one style of bags, a medium sized leather tote in faux crocodile finish that came in three different colors: black, navy, and chocolate. The bags still had their retail tags of $139 so at $5 I didn’t need to think twice lol Their styles do tend to be a little too matronly so I wouldn’t really recommend it for you younger gals but it’s a good way to pick up something for your mom 😉 Below is my recap of one of their previous sales (I was there right before closing so didn’t have time to post on the blog). Also check out the below gallery to get a better idea of their styles.
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Magaschoni’s little showroom is usually packed wall to wall with racks of knitwear and woven apparel. Sleeveless tops were priced at just $10, dresses $25, sweaters $30, and cashmere $40+ but nothing was over $60. Magaschoni apparel retails for $200-$500, especially the cashmere embellished pieces catching the higher end of the price spectrum but with the sample sale’s prices they were practically giving things away. The only catch was that everything is a sample size: size S and size 6/M. I did see some other sizes (even as high as 16) sprinkled throughout the racks. Some of the size 6 pieces, especially cardigans and heavier knitwear were cut fairly generously and will fit size 8 and even size 10 depending on style. I would also like to point out that while sizing was advertised as sample only this doesn’t meant that all items were production samples. I found that the good portion of it was overstock, brand new with tags. Another interesting thing was that there were some non-Magaschoni branded items on the racks. I suppose most companies “sample” other designer’s pieces for inspiration and such so I saw a few Saks Fifth Avenue branded sweaters, a few random designers like Edun, and even Sonia Rykiel. There was no dressing room so be sure to dress accordingly if you’d like to try something on. The sale ends tomorrow at 6pm promptly.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a great time  to stock up on sweaters and cashmere for winter. The prices are unbelievably good and if you wear S-M/L you should make every effort to go to this sale. Magaschoni sample sales are held fairly frequently so there is likely to be another one in a few months.

525 Seventh Ave., 21st Floor
Thursday – Friday
9am – 6pm

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