Paul Andrew One Day Only Sample Sale

Let’s face it, we really have not had a sample sale this month to get us truly excited about shopping. Sure there have been plenty of sales, including some bargain bonanzas but nothing gets the blood pumping like the thrill of a good shoe sale! Which is why I’m excited to let you know about a special one day sample sale from Paul Andrew. This Saturday from 10am to 2pm the brand will be hosting a Friends & Family sale inside their Midtown showroom. 

The event will feature original press and runway samples (no overstock). Sadly this means that only sizes 37, 39, 39.5, and 40 will be represented. I expect prices to remain unchanged from previous years ($50/$75/$125/$200). You can also read my detailed report from their last sample sale for more info. It’s worth noting that Paul Andrew shoes run half a size smaller. As someone who is a size 37-37.5 I can’t actually fit into most of these samples and every year hold out a faint glimmer of hope that they will expand their sizing. No word yet on whether men’s shoes will be part of this event. Also in case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest fashion news, Paul Andrew was recently named as the new women’s footwear design director at Ferragamo. You can expect his own as well as his brand’s popularity to rise even further in the coming months. This is prime time to take advantage of this great sample sale and load up on what will be the hottest shoes of the season!

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