St. John – Bargains Galore!

If your weekend plans don’t involve shopping you need to seriously re-evaluate your priorities 😉 The weather is crap so why not stick to indoor activities like sample sale bargains. That’s what will await you during the last two days of St. John’s first-ever sample sale! The event has been extended through Sunday and prices have been seriously slashed. Every item is now more than 90% off retail, with prices starting at just $25 and there are still plenty of knitwear separates and dresses for you to browse.

The sale has been open since early last week. My friend J. initially stopped by to scout the selection on day one when prices reached as high as $599. You can see some of her photos in my previous weekly shopping guide. Now fast forward to this week when the brand suddenly announced that they will be offering additional discounts and wow, someone must have gone full-on fruit ninja because things got seriously slashed! Even the hosts at 260 Sample Sale did not expect such drastic price cuts. As I mentioned before, everything is now well over 90% off retail. A fur collar jacket that retailed for $3,595…….now $100! Crazy?!!! Right? I’ll admit that I was not a fan of the style and even referred to it as a glorified bathrobe lol but once my mother got here (let’s face it this is the type of sale where you must bring your mom) I adapted a new perspective. Since this apple did not fall far from the tree, my mom’s first stop was also the outerwear rack featuring the aforementioned coats. Seeing the obvious great deal she focused primarily on the fur, saying that the collar alone is worth at least five times the sale price! Ok, I was convinced 🙂
St. John Collection velvet knit leopard print coat $100 (retail $3,595)

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There were plenty of other bargains as well. Prices started at just $25 for tanks, camis, and t-shirts. Some of which retailed upwards of $500! The selection included pieces from St. John Sport, Collection, Evening, and Couture but unlike the opening day, prices were now the same across the board. Meaning a St. John sport jacket cost $100 as did a St. John Couture jacket. It’s worth noting that anything with an open front is considered a jacket, i.e. a cardigan = jacket and not a sweater. There were lots of dressy and work appropriate options. The racks were organized by collection and type with dresses ($75) and gowns ($200) up front and bottoms ($35-$40) all the way in the back. Sweaters and tops were just $40 and there were plenty of sleeveless knits and silk florals. Scarves and accessories were sold out. The brand is known for their polished and sophisticated conservative looks and those of you on the lookout for modest apparel will surely enjoy this sale. St. John does skew more mature if you will so definitely bring your mom or grandma. Although it’s still possible to find something non-dowdy even for a 20 something. Sizes were available from 0 to 16 but at this point larger sizes will fare best. The more interesting jackets and coats were available only in sizes 10-16. There is a dressing room along with a large mirror in the middle of the venue so dress accordingly.

150 Greene St.
Saturday  11am – 7pm
Sunday  11am – 4pm

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