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UPDATE: 11/18 Sale extended through Friday 6pm. 11/16 Holiday candles and room sprays are now extra 30% off sale prices.

Get ready to titillate your olfactory senses with some of the most luxurious scents favored by the grand nobility of Versailles! The world’s oldest candlemaker,  Cire Trudon is having their first-ever sample sale at Century 21‘s C21 Edition venue. Founded during the reign of Louis XIV in 1643 it soon became the biggest wax producing factory in France and is now the oldest surviving wax manufacturer in the world. To this day each votive is  dripped and made by hand to create the world’s most luxurious candles. Last year when the company opened their first store outside of Paris no one could have anticipated that it would eventually translate into a sample sale. Be sure to take advantage of such a historic occasion and get your holiday shopping done at the sale. While the event opened with discounts of 50% off retail I am very happy to inform you all that as of this morning there are additional markdowns!

Late last evening I received notice that there will be further markdowns on select categories when the sale opens its doors on Tuesday. When I visited the venue yesterday afternoon I found a well stocked space with Cire Trudon reps on hand to talk about their products and help you select any particular scent. While this sale did not draw the crowds or frenzy associate with a certain other French luxury candlemaker it was still busy with shoppers eager to explore the brand and find some holiday gifts in the process. Before we proceed further here are the latest price points that already include today’s markdowns as denoted by the asterisk.
Classic Candle $50 | *Intermezzo Candle $100 | *Great Candle $200 | 3 Candle Gift Set $100 | Busts $80 | *Travel Room Spray $35 (includes a refill)
Classic Candle $25
As you can see the prices of larger candles like Intermezzo and Great Candle have gone down from $135 to $100 and $275 to $200 respectively. The Great Candles retail for $550, they weigh 3kg or 105oz and are good to burn for over 300 hours. Taking into account the latest discounts and you’re looking at a cost to burn ratio of $0.01 per minute. Seems almost like a bargain? Right! 🙂 Ok so things aren’t exactly cheap but adding a candle like that to your living room or entryway is bound to be a major conversation starter. But it’s not always all about the benjamins……..or is it? Besides manufacturing standar candles Cire Trudon also produces wax busts of famous figures and one such creation made an appearance at the sale. The Benjamin Franklin Bust can be yours for $80 (retail $160) Now that is a guaranteed conversation piece if there ever was one!

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For those curious about what scents were available the selection included lots of seasonal holiday scents like BethlĂ©em, Nazareth, Gabriel, and a Coffret Trio of Odeurs D’hiver (which consists of Melchior, Gaspar, and Gabriel). Other classic home fragrances included La Marquise, Solis Rex, PondichĂ©ry, Ernesto, Balmoral, and Abd El Kader.

The most abundant products at the sale were the Travel Room Sprays and refills. They can be found on the shelves to the left of the entrance. Initially they were sold separately at $40 (retail $78) each but with extra discounts they’re suddenly looking much more attractive. For $35 you not only get the spray but it now comes with a refill! Scents included La Marquise, Spiritus Sancti, Ernesto, Abd El Kader, Dada, L’admirable, and Odalisque.

Finally the most wallet friendly options came from Cire Trudon’s sister label, Carriere Freres. The classic candles can be found on the right side of the venue and are available for $25 (retail $50). They include floral and fruit inspired scents like Tuberose, Ginger, Thyme, Cotton Flower, Melon, Guava, CinnamonJasmine, and Damask Rose. Remember if you have any questions Cire Trudon reps are there to aid you in your selection. I was told that there would be no restocking so if you are after some of the classic scents like Abd El Kader or Balmoral you don’t want to wait until Thursday.

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BOTTOM LINE: The sale offers a truly luxurious journey for the senses and with extra markdowns in effect you should definitely make your way downtown to Century 21 Edition. I was initially told that there would be no restocking but I’ve since heard that there was more back stock. The sale runs through Thursday and it is very likely that we will see more markdowns closer to the final day. Although if you’re after one of the classic scents in standard sized candles there’s a good chance that it would be sold out by then.

C21 Edition
21 Dey St.
Tuesday – Thursday  8am – 9pm
(doors close at 8pm)
Friday  8am – 6pm

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