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Friday, November 4, 2016

UPDATE: Final day markdowns, extra 50% off sale prices.

This week marks a rare occasion when Marc Jacobs has chosen to open his doors to the public. This is only the second ever US public sample sale (the Brits have had them for years!) from the luxury designer label so needless to say the event attracted troves of treasure seekers hunting for some buried treasures. Ever since last year's announcement that Marc by Marc Jacobs diffusion line is to be discontinued I have been patiently waiting for a real blowout sample sale and this week did not disappoint. The savings were up to and (in some cases) well over 90% off retail, there were tons of bags, shoes, and apparel, in other words it was precisely what every sample sale should strive to achieve!

I arrived just in time for the preview to find the lines stretching down Houston Street and this was just the family and friend portion. Yes, the lines were long but the treasures that awaited made it all worthwhile. The selection was so huge that it required the venue to open up their basement which is where I headed right away. There you will find bins upon bins of handbags, small leather goods, scarves, hats, tech, and other accessories. Prices were simple and straightforward: Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bags (regardless of size) were $50, non-leather $30 although for some reason they treated PVC as leather which I thought was rather questionable. Small leather goods were $25 and tech/cosmetic pouches just $10. Marc Jacobs Collection leather bags were priced at $80 but even considering that I was among the first groups inside I only saw 1-2 pieces that were immediately snatched up. Overall there were so many styles that it's impossible to list them all but I linked up what I could in the gallery below. Almost all handbags were original samples, you will notice the white fabric tags denoting them but I did see a couple of overstock pieces. As the sale progressed the staff kept bring out more and more inventory but things were beginning to get slightly picked over and dirty/damaged bags were becoming more apparent. Restocking should continue throughout the event as it is scheduled to run through Sunday.

Meanwhile along the walls were tables with footwear priced at just $40 for Marc by Marc Jacobs and $60 for Marc Jacobs Collection. Once again the inventory consisted of mainly Marc by Marc samples in size 37. There was also a small selection of sizes 39-40 as well as men's shoes near the staircase. One of the hottest items were certainly the mouse flats that I saw in a myriad of colors and styles. Unfortunately they were all only in size 37 and they ran 1/2 to a full size small so keep that in mind as you shop. Other footwear highlights included Stevie and Liv studded sandals that retail as high as $600 but at the sale they were all just $40. The Ninja Sneakers (retail $458) were another big hit and unlike the mouse flats this style actually runs slightly larger so I was able to score a pair. Now I just need to book a trip to Tokyo and listen to some Die Antwoord lol

On the main floor you will find men's and women's apparel priced 80%-90% off retail and again there were lots of samples in small and x-small sizes. By the time I made my way up from the basement all the good stuff was gone but there were still racks upon racks of items. $30 Sample sweaters and $10 t-shirts were definitely worth a look over. Please check out the photos for full price lists.

Near the registers was a small selection of beauty products like eyeshadow palettes, concealers, foundation, and nail polish but only in one specific shade. Discounts were 70% off retail which from what I was told is much worse than the last sale. I was out of town for the start of that one but did make my way there on the last day. 

BOTTOM LINE: Finally I'd say if you treat this sale as the long ago promised Marc by Marc Jacobs liquidation extravaganza you won't be disappointed but if you came in search of Marc Jacobs's main line you might feel as though your time could have been better spent elsewhere. As of this Friday the inventory has significantly dwindled and the basement area is now closed but if you're in the area it's still worth a peek. No additional discounts have taken place yet but stay tuned as we have another two days to go!

150 Greene St
Thursday - Friday  10am - 8pm
Saturday  10am - 7pm
Sunday  10am - 4pm


  1. do i now if they still have beauty items? Eyeshadows?

    1. Hi Busy Bee! I believe that the large eyeshadow palettes might be sold out but I was told they still had foundation and concealers in darker color shades.


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