Investment Furs From Oscar de la Renta

It’s getting colder outside and winter is almost here! Those of you in the market for a standout fur coat may wish to check out this week’s luxury multi-designer sample sale featuring furs and RTW from Oscar de la Renta as well as furs from Jocelyn, Reich Furs, and Brandon Sun. There is also a small selection of Oscar de la Renta shoes, accessories, and childrenswear. Discounts range from 50% off retail to around 70% off.

Last evening I attended the friends and family portion of the sale. While the sale is currently appointment only it will be open for walk-ins on Friday and Saturday. So what will you find when you go? Furs! Lots and lots of furs. Everything from chinchilla boleros to long sable coats, embroidered shearlings, bright colored fox furs, cropped mink jackets, and much more. All items are individually priced with discounts starting at 50% off retail but going up to 70% off on certain select pieces. Like I mentioned earlier this is definitely an upscale sale for those looking to make an investment. It’s not for bargain hunters although you might want to check the accessories section where prices stared at $28 for ear muffs and fur pom-pom keychains.
Fur coats were certainly the biggest highlight of the sale. Most pieces were from the Oscar de la Renta collection and can be found all along the right half of the venue. While abundant the selection consisted of almost the same stock as the last two sample sales held by 260. Sizes ranged from XS to XL but with only one or two pieces per style it might be tougher to find something specific. Jocelyn furs were somewhat more affordable with a few pieces under $1,000. Reich and Brandon Sun fur coats can be found along the left hand wall. The selection was certainly smaller compared to Oscar but there were some very nice pieces. Below are a couple of price point examples that should give you a fairly good idea of what to expect.
  • Dyed Black and White Fox Parka $1,013.25 (retail $2,895)
  • Natural Mahogany Mink Swing Coat $6,825 (retail $19,500)
  • Marigold Dyed Chinchilla Cropped Vest $2,448.25 (retail $6,995)
  • Anthracite Dyed Chinchilla Bolero $5,948.25 (retail $16,995)
  • Golden Russian Sable Stroller $24,753 (retail $70,725)
  • Natural Gold Fox Jacket $2,761 (retail $7,890)
  • Marigold Dyed Mink Jacket With Watersnake Inserts $6,982 (retail $19,950)
  • Navy Dyed Reversible Mink Coat $7,875 (retail $22,500)
  • Pearl Grade Shearling Coat With Embroidery $5,248.25 (retail $14,995)
  • Blue Multi Fox And Raccoon Vest $4,725 (retail $13,500)
  • Natural Black NAFA Mink Split Coat $8,400 ($24,000)
  • Dusty Rose Printed Mink Coat With Black Trim $4,520 (retail $11,300)
  • Dyed Shearling Merino Jacket With Raccoon Trim $1,128.75 (retail $3,225)
If furs are not your thing you can head to the back where you’ll find Oscar de la Renta RTW. Gowns were priced $875 and $1,650. Dresses were $250-$375, skirts $150, jackets $225, and tops $125. Sad to say but the entire selection was 100% left overs from the October sample sale with prices actually higher than the final day discounts at 260. The same goes for shoes. Sample embellished flats and sandals for $89, primarily in size 37 but I also saw sizes 38-39.

Most wallet friendly offerings could be found among the accessories. On the tables near the entrance you’ll find fur hats, scarves, snoods, fur collars, gloves, mittens, ear muffs, and keychains. Most accessories were by Jocelyn. Prices started at $28 for ear muffs, $38 for keychains and went up to $200 for larger scarves. I loved the adorable pom-pom hats and animal ear hat with attached mittens. I linked up some of the styles below and you can see more in the photos.

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BOTTOM LINE: This is a great sale to invest in a luxury fur or pick up a gorgeous gown for a holiday gala but it’s not a bargain affair. There is a possibility of restocking on Jocelyn fur accessories but don’t expect further markdowns.
265 West 37th St., 17th Floor
Friday  9am – 6pm
Saturday  10am – 4pm

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