JSong 20th Anniversary Sale

This week New York City based fashion brand, JSong is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a special sample sale inside their Garment District showroom. JSong was launched in 1997 by designer, Way Zen and her business partner Hon Pan Siu. The name stands for joy and song and is inspired by nature as visible in its floral motifs and earthy color palettes. I was invited to check out the sale last week where I had a chance to chat with the designer herself.

The sample sale is taking place inside the brand’s showroom, just a few blocks from Macy’s. The samples can be found towards the back and are denoted by color coded squares that are attached to individual hangers. Prices started at just $5 for red tags and went up to $50 for aqua colored tags. There were also specially marked items such as wool coats and pieces from the made in NYC collection which were individually priced. Please check the photo below for complete pricing breakdown. Sample sizes ranged from 4 to 6 but there were more size options in the back. So if you don’t see your size be sure to ask one of the staffers who’ll be able to assist you. The selection included dresses and separates from the JSong label as well as the newer Way line that is designed to appeal to a more playful and spirited customer who loves to mix and match pieces for a more versatile look. Way Zen walked me through her collection that included archival pieces like the denim coat (photo #15) with the flower cutouts and a lace flower appliqué skirt. A lot of the details and intricate designs that you see were all done by hand and the lace pieces in particular even predate Oscar de la Renta’s famous collections in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Right now the brand is evolving towards creating more fluid and less formal looks best illustrated by their transformable multi-functional signature wrap. It can be worn as a vest, tied up like a scarf, draped like a shawl, or worn as a tank top. It was available for $49 (retail $120) at the sale but there were only two pieces. Please check out this video from JSongway.com for a demonstration. There were other transformable pieces like Butterfly pants and jumpsuit dresses. Made in NYC collection items were among the priciest with coats as high as $400 (retail $1,100+). Although the bulk of the merchandise was mostly under $50. Scroll down through the photos below to get an idea of what you’ll find at the sale.

BOTTOM LINE: The sample sale has been extended through Tuesday but the showroom is open for walk-ins year round. The organizers are also offering wholesale and competitive prices on the rest of the merchandise, that’s not part of the sample sale. So next time you find yourself in the Garment District be sure to stop by. The friendly staff will be happy to accommodate all your needs and answer any questions.

JSong Showroom
149B West 36th St.
Monday – Friday  11am – 6pm
Monday – Tuesday  11am – 6pm

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