Top 10 Sample Sales Of 2016

As we settle into the new year it’s time to look back at 2016 and all of it’s heart pumping and wonderful sample sales. Last year offered us an unprecedented amount of fashion, beauty, and even home decor bargain extravaganzas. There was the first-ever sale from M.A.C cosmetics that drew record crowds to the Metropolitan Pavilion, the first public sample sale from Lanvin that not only offered 90% off deals but exceptional inventory to boot, Marc Jacobs sample sale where shoes and handbags were priced on par with H&M are just a few examples. Below we’ll take a look at the sample sales that made my Top 10 of 2016 list.

So what criteria did I use? First and foremost the sale had to offer not only good discounts but great prices. There were sales that attracted huge crowds, others that brought tons of publicity but if prices weren’t good what is the point? Right?!😊 We go to sample sales to shop, at least I sure do. Keep in mind that not all sales or brands are created equal which is why sometimes 60% off at one sample sale can actually end up being a better bargain than 90% off at another. For the purposes of this post I am only including public events that I have personally shopped. (I am also working on my top finds of 2016 list that will offer a look inside some highly coveted but ultra private events that I’ve had the pleasure of attending).
10. M.A.C

MAC cosmetics lipsticks haul

The hotly anticipated event offered savings of 60% off original prices and attracted the longest lines of any sale held at Metropolitan Pavilion. While the discounts may seem unimpressive this is the best you can hope to ever pay for M.A.C beauty products. Highlights included many limited edition colors and collaborations like Brooke Candy, there were $7 lipsticks (retail $17) and $6 nail polish (retail $15).


Vera Wang statement necklace and earrings jewelry set
This incredible sale was truly an everything must go type of affair. As the event progressed the brand decided to drop prices lower than they’ve been at any Vera Wang sample sale to date! The discounts also went up if you bought at least 10 items and with such low prices it wasn’t hard to do. A few examples include a Vera Wang Collection gold brocade dress with Swarovski crystal embellishments that came out to $175 (retail $4,600), a large bib statement necklace $37.50 (retail $850) with matching earring $10 (retail $250) and bracelet $20 (retail $400), as well as a couple of slogan t-shirts for $5 each (retail $200). I even rocked one for Fashion Week!


Peach and Lily k-beauty haul
This Korean beauty and skincare purveyor was the first company to hold a large scale public k-beauty sample sale. It is in huge part to success of Peach & Lily as well as its founder Alicia Yoon that many other beauty labels and stores have recently blessed us with their own sample sales. At this year’s event discounts were as high as 80% off but the best part was that most items had long expiration dates, meaning you didn’t have to worry about using the products within just a few months. Highlights included Shangpree S-energy Long Lasting Concentrated Serum for $35 (retail $120), Lady & Skin Yesulhan Signature Cream also for $35 (retail $296), and Kicho Sheep Oil Cream for $15 (retail $58).

I feel like lingerie sample sales don’t get enough appreciation. We all wear underwear I would hope!😉, sleepwear, and who could say no to a luxurious silk robe. La Perla‘s last sample sale was the brand’s biggest and most discounted yet. Not only were you saving over 90% off swimwear and lingerie but there were shoes! After being named the new creative director, footwear designer Julia Haart quickly integrated her existing designs into the new label and we were lucky to shop her entire shoe archive collection for well over 90% off. My personal highlights include the aforementioned Julia Haart exotic leather heels for just $37.50 a pair (retail $800-$1,500) as well as swim separates for $17.50 (retail $200-$875) and silk nightgown with matching robe for $56 (retail $325-$475).

JKNLEE Club Clio Goodal gold snail sheet mask and cream k-beauty haul
K-beauty has definitely enjoyed immense popularity these last 2 years so it’s not surprising that other stores followed in Peach & Lily’s footsteps. To celebrate the opening of their first store, JKNLEE (Club Clio’s sister store) held a huge sample sale on skincare and cosmetics with prices as low as $1. The tiny space attracted big crowds each morning. I saw one lady walk away with a suitcase full of cosmetics. Sheet masks from Soo Ae and Ostia were going for $10 for a box of 10 or $5 for a box of 5. That’s just $1 a pop! The more luxurious Goodal Gold Snail Hydrogel Masks could be had for $16 for a box of 5 (retail $60). Goodal Phyto series skincare products were $5 – $20 while cosmetics were the best bargains. Clio Professional Twisturn Eyeliner was $7 (retail $21), Clio Gelpresso Melting Lipstick $5 (retail $25), Peripera Eyeshadow and Clio Virgin Kiss lip tints just $1.

Peter Thomas Roth and June Jacobs skincare haul
We have another beauty sale! This one was a joint event from the duo behind Peter Thomas Roth and June Jacobs skincare lines. While I was told that this was not their first sample sale it is the first time I’ve ever seen it publicly advertised. Discounts were high (up to 90% off), prices were great ($1+), and the selection was wide, particularly if you shopped on the first day. PTR famous masks started at just $1 for mini samples and went up to $15 for large size (retail $60), and $35 for the biggest bottles that retail for $150! Other examples included FirmX Growth Factor Serum $30 (retail $225), Acne Kit $8 (retail $35), June Jacobs Neroli Hydrating Mist $5, and lots more items in the $5-$10 price range.
Bottega Veneta intrecciato case sunglasses and belt with buckle

The annual Bottega Veneta sample sale may have disappointed in the handbag department but it ranks high on my list for offering incredible prices on women’s Ready To Wear and accessories. This year the sale offered a large selection of press and runway samples with prices $50 – $400. A wool skirt from Fall ’15 was $75 (retail $1,600), Wool Coat $400 (retail $10,000+), Silk Dress $200 (retail $3,000+). Sunglasses were $50 and came in a spectacular intrecciato case. Sure you can find them at outlets for under $100 but not with the case. Sunglasses and belts eventually got discounted to just $25 each (retail $300-$900).

Eddie Borgo jewelry collection
My favorite jewelry designer’s Spring sample sale (let’s ignore December’s disappointment) takes the number three spot! I have always loved Eddie Borgo sales, not just for savings on stock but the $5 “damages” and samples. Most pieces could be easily fixed yourself or for under $10 while the retail value could be as high as $1,000. Last May there were plenty of these so called damages to  pick through and I once again ended up with plastic bags full of jewelry. Stock prices weren’t too shabby either with discounts 80%-90% off. Highlights included Small Dome Bracelet $20 (retail $350), Estate Hoop Earrings $25 (retail $175), Collage Dome Necklace in rose gold $50 (retail $400), and of course various random $5 pieces.

This is the sale that I awaited for almost two years! Ever since Marc Jacobs announced that he will be shuttering his diffusion Marc by Marc Jacobs line I knew that a blowout would be incoming, I just didn’t think that it would take so long lol Better late than never! The sale proved to be just that, with bargain prices and killer deals. Almost all merchandise came from the MBMJ line. Shoes were $40, handbags, $30-$50, accessories started at $10, and clothes mostly under $200. They even had Marc Jacobs beauty items for 70% off which wasn’t too shabby for cosmetics. Highlights included Eyeshadow palettes for $18 (retail $59), Mouse Flats in various colors and styles for $40 (retail $250), Ninja Sneakers $40 (retail $458), a red patent leather bag $50 (retail $475), and sample sweaters $30 (retail $400+).

Finally we have reached the top – the number one sample sale of the year! Lanvin‘s first-ever public sale (how in the world did I not write a blog review of this one?) easily takes the top spot with its 90% off discounts and low price points but most importantly top notch selection. The brand has been holding private sample sales for years and I have been lucky to attend a few but can tell you that none of them came close to the incredible deals offered last Spring. As you know when a big fashion house parts ways with their long time creative director it means that a liquidation type sale isn’t far behind. This proved true in the case of Lanvin and Alber Elbaz. Shoppers were ecstatic to find the highly coveted Happy bags for 80% off, as the sale progresses footwear and accessories hit 90% but by then all the good bags were gone. Still, if you were the right size then you probably walked away with $55 ballerina flats or $85 exotic sandals. All kid’s apparel and accessories were also 90% off and moms got to dress their little fashionistas in designer duds at Walmart prices 😂. The biggest highlights of course were Lanvin Happy Bags $200-$400 (retail up to $2,500), Statement Necklaces $179 (retail $1,790), and shoes $55-$150 (retail $550-$1,500).

Now I want to hear about your favorites! Which sample sales did you shop? Where did you find best deals and bargains? Think something is missing from this list? Let me know in the comments section! Happy New Year!!! 🎆 🥂🍾

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  • K , Direct link to comment

    Loved MAC, La Perla, and Eddie besides December 🙁 All my other faves were private 🙂

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi K.! Thanks so for reading 🙂

      Hopefully Eddie will have damages at the Spring sale! I didn't include any private sales in this list but I'll mention a couple in my upcoming Top Finds post.

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