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Today is your last chance to shop Jocelyn two-day only sample sale. The event was initially billed as a private sale but the organizers were readily accepting walk-ins even yesterday. If you don’t have an appointment don’t fret, you can still get in without a problem. The sale takes places inside the ER Fur Trading Group’s (they represent Jocelyn, Oscar de la Renta, Brandon Sun, and Reichs Furs) showroom and offers savings of 50% to 75% off retail value.

I stopped by the venue last afternoon and found two rooms full of sample sale goodies. In the first room you’ll find Jocelyn‘s fur-lined J*Military coats. If you’re a fan of these styles you’ll be glad to know that there was a large selection of The Iceman, Bodia, Maverick, Top Gun, Crusader jackets ($640-$750) and The Blade, and Viper vests. These jackets retail for up to $1,595. All items were individually marked and there was no price list so I’ll just give you guys some examples below. Near the windows you’ll find luxurious furs by Oscar de la Renta, Reichs Furs, and a handful of Brandon Sun pieces. If you’ve been to the last Oscar sample sale you’ll recognize the merchandise and pricing is essentially the same. The furs were all still fairly expensive and definitely more of an investment piece rather than a typical sample sale deal. Sizing varied by style as there were only 1-2 sizes per style (excluding J*Military). Overall I saw everything from XS to XL. There are a couple of full length mirrors throughout the venue so you can try everything on. Also in the same room were boxes with de la Renta fur accessories like pop pom charms, scarves, stoles, and fur bags. There were home decor items like furry pillows and pillowcases too, priced around $125-$200 depending on size and style.

Bag charms and pom pom charms $24-$79
Hats $50-$175
Gloves $20-$89
Scarves $125-$199
Bags $125
Pillows $125-$199

Jocelyn silver camo fox lined cargo coat $638
Jocelyn olive military cargo coat $748
Oscar de la Renta periwinkle dyed chinchilla cape $6,600 (retail $16,500)
Oscar de la Renta navy dyed chinchilla split jacket $6,700 (retail $16,700)
Oscar de la Renta marigold dyed mink jacket $7,980 (retail $19,950)
Oscar de la Renta midnight navy ermine kimono $7,250 (retail $14,500)
Oscar de la Renta mink knitted asymmetrical vest with hood $6,950 (retail $13,900)
Reichs Fur toscana shearling coat $2,150 (retail $4,300)
Roksanda dyed pink long fox fur coat $9,200 (retail $23,000)

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In the second room you’ll find more of Jocelyn’s military coats, as well as Jocelyn furs and accessories. Most furs and coats were discounted by 50% off retail which as you know me wasn’t enough to sway me to buy anything but small accessories did go as high as 75% off retail which is a whole other story 😉 There were bins with hats, gloves, scarves, bag charms, pom pom charms, bags, and even a bin of damages. There were more accessories lining the huge table in the middle of the room. Accessories offered some of the more affordable deals with prices starting at just $24 for small pom pom bag charms and going up to $175 for fur hoods with attached scarf and mittens. I particularly liked the knit hats with fur pom poms that were available for $50-$60. You can see them in the photos below. The box of damages is worth a look but don’t expect any major bargains. For example I found a bag charm that was missing a metal ring for $18 and you can get a brand new one for $24. Most damages consisted of fingerless gloves/mittens with minor to large holes in them and were priced at $20. There weren’t any damaged fur coats if you’re wondering lol There was no specific children’s merchandise but the hats are so tiny that I’ve seen several moms buy them for their little girls. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re not in the market for investment coats then I recommend focusing on accessories that offered some of the more affordable prices. There were lots of cute and colorful hats, scarves, and gloves for yourself or your little fashionista. Jocelyn coats were only 50% off and while some Oscar de la Renta piece did go up to 70% off they’ll still set you back a few grand. There will be no additional markdowns and walk-ins are welcome.

224 West 30th St., Suite 1011
Thursday 9am – 6pm

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