Maiyet Showroom Sample Sale

Another sample sale that you should hit this week is also a two-day only affair. Socially conscious and fair trade luxury womenswear label, Maiyet is holding a special bargain sale inside their corporate showroom. You might recall that the brand held their first-ever sample sale at 260 SoHo last year where final day markdowns offered incredible savings. If you though those deals were great then just wait until you shop this week’s sale where almost everything is priced at $100 or below! One of my followers, J. was kind enough to share the details.

Maiyet is a very unique brand in the world of high fashion. It was founded by Paul van Zyl, a South African human rights lawyer and employs teams of artisans from far corners of the globe: Kenya, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, India, and Italy. In 2015 Maiyet hired a new creative director, Declan Kearney, who was able to bring a more polished and cohesive design aesthetic to the label. Maiyet’s clothing and accessories are priced very much in line with other luxury labels but this week offers a rare opportunity to save well over 90% off retail! Earlier this morning, J. stopped by their showroom to find a room full of bargains. Jackets and coats were priced at just $100 (including leather!) Although at this point the leather jackets are very likely to be sold out. Tops and bottoms were $30 and dresses $50. The sale also offered a small selection of shoes but according to J. it consisted of very large sample sizes (think 40+). Prices were $50 for boots and $30 for all other shoes. Handbags are among Maiyet most coveted pieces and luckily for us they’re also present at the sale. Small bags and clutches are only $75 while other bags are between $100-$200. J. recalled seeing both Sia ($100) and Peyton ($200). Many of these bags retail for $1,200+ A small selection of jewelry was available for just $25 each. J. was unsure whether there’ll be any restocking but she did see them bring out a full rack of new merchandise while she was there. Unfortunately she did not take any photos but tomorrow I am headed to the sale myself so I’ll update this post with more info. Just wanted to give you all a heads up as this seems to be an incredible sale! As always remember that you can  email or DM  me any Sample Sale photos or info that I’ll be happy to share. Meanwhile I’ve linked up some of Maiyet’s more popular pieces.
Jewelry $25
Shoes $30
Boots $50
Pants/Skirts/Tops $30
Knits $40
Dresses $50
Jackets/Coats/Leather $100
Small Bags/Clutches $75
Medium Bags $100
Large Bags $200

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676 Broadway, 4th Floor
Thursday – Friday
9am – 6pm

04 comments on “Maiyet Showroom Sample Sale

    • Practically Haute , Direct link to comment

      Hi Busy Bee!

      They still had a bunch of Sia totes in the morning and they were actually $75 not $100 (even better deal!). I've been told that by early afternoon all bags were gone though. Hope you were able to find something!

  • alicia , Direct link to comment

    Mmm a size EU 40 is a US 10…"very large?" I think not. I appreciate the inside scoop on the sale, but your opinions on people's dress sizes might be better kept to yourself next time.

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