$10 Bargains At Clothingline

Yesterday proved to be one busy day full of shopping and four different sample sales. To start things off let’s recap Clothingline‘s blowout sale that ends today at 7pm. The two day event attracted a large group of eager bargainistas ready to pounce on $10 deals. The venue advertised that there would be over a thousand items priced in the $10 range. Needless to say that once the doors opened it became a madhouse with everyone sifting through the multitude of racks in search of best deals.

I arrived 20 minutes before opening to find a small group of 30+ shoppers braving the elements. Clothingline tends to host these blowout events several times a year and what I love about them is that they actually live up to the billing. My definition of a “blowout sale” is discounts of over 90% off with prices $10-$20 which is precisely what this sale offers. Although with such cheap prices you have to be prepared for damaged and outdated merchandise. While the venue could not release any of the brand names due to the low price points I am under no such obligations! You’ll find clothing from Theory, Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Free People, Grey State, B3.0, Twenty, La Pina, La Fée Verte, as well as bags and accessories from Mar Y Sol and Ahidorned. At the front of the venue, along the right wall you can find racks of menswear consisting mostly of Theory and Rag & Bone. There were lots of Theory pants and shirts all priced at $10 and $30 blazers. Which means you can mix and match and end up with a $40 suit! Rag & Bone was among the “pricier” brands with prices starting at $20 for tanks/tees/skirts/shorts, $30 pants/blouses/sweaters, and $50 blazers/dresses/leather. There were also accessory bins with random hats, ties, belts, etc. for $20 and sample shoes for $40 but I highly recommend avoiding the latter as they were in awful condition. Don’t bother looking for leather, all I saw were some ill proportioned shorts, mini skirts with stains, and a few leather and suede pants. Guys will do best concentrating on Rag & Bone sweaters and shirts while ladies may want to glance at the blazers and dresses.
For the cheapest bargains head towards the back where you’ll find $10 Theory women’s tops and pants along with $30 blazers. There was a ton of merchandise. Many items were samples sporting a 1sz (one size) tags which roughly translated to a size 4, although with the dressing room closed it was hard to gauge. This of course didn’t stop people from trying things on. If you’re looking for basics and office attire this is a really great sale as prices can’t be beat. Almost everything is well over 90% off retail. $415 blazer for $30? Check! $325 silk top for $10? Check! $295 pair of pants for $10? Check! If you’re lucky you can even find some older Theory pieces when the brand used to make clothes in Italy. Don’t bother with leather since there’s nothing left except damages. As long as you have patience to sift through the racks you’ll walk away with some pretty good bargains. I spotted sizes from XS to XL but a good portion of the items were either size 4 or medium. Please check out the photos for all the price lists. Also please be careful and inspect each piece as so many were damages and irregulars with stains, rips, snags, or plain sewing defects. The dressing room is not available and there are no mirrors. Technically you’re not allowed to try on anything other than jackets or shirts. The sale ends today so be sure to stop by!

Be sure to inspect each item for damages
Women’s jackets and blazers $30
Theory blazer $30 (retail $300) 
Theory two button blazer $30 (retail $415)
Theory jacket $30 (retail $415)
Rag & Bone vest $50

La Fee Verte knits $30 

Rag & Bone skirt $20

La Pina dress $20 or 2 for $30 
Notice the stain on this Rag & Bone leather skirt

$10 bras
Mar Y Sol bags $20-$30 and straw hats $20
Rag & Bone men’s and women’s accessories $20
Ahidorned bags $20, pouches $7
Beat up and damaged Rag & Bone sample shoes $40 

Theory men’s jeans $10
Theory men’s shirts $10 and blazers $30

261 West 36th St., 2nd Floor
Tuesday  11am – 8pm
Wednesday  11am – 7pm

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