Aquatalia Sample Sale Offers Amazing Deals On True Samples

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UPDATE: 3/9 Extra $50 off all styles (except samples). Correction: men's samples are size 9.

This week marks the debut of Aquatalia sample sale at 260's Greene street venue. The Italian brand is known for their high quality, weather proof, and comfortable footwear for women and men. The sale offers savings of up to 70% off retail on a selection of winter boots and shoes, many of which are still being sold at full price. Although the best deals are reserved for those lucky few that fit Aquatalia's sample size (US size 6.5 for women). Much to my surprise the sale offered a large selection of sample footwear all priced at just $75!

To be honest I was expecting the typical "up to 70% off" type of sale (meaning no bargains or samples). Imagine my delight when I discovered that most of the shoes are actually samples and better yet they're priced at $75. That includes pumps, flats, booties, knee-high boots, and even fur-trimmed shearling lined boots like Colette that retail for $1,500. All of this sounds too good to be true and sadly it is if you're not a size 6 or 6.5. All samples, without exception, were size 6.5. Being a size 7 myself I tried to fit into a few pairs without much luck. Generally Aquatalia runs true to size but occasionally you need to go up a half size, especially for boots. So long story short: size 6/6.5 ladies this is your top ten sample sale of the year! Get to shopping because once the word is out best styles will be gone. I'd also like to note that most of the sample shoes were in pristine condition! These are not your typical dirty runway shoes lol

For everyone else though we have to settle for stock footwear where prices started at $150 for regular shoes. Sizes were available from 5 to 11 and you can see that there was a good selection of sizes in the photos below. Most boots were $190 with select cold weather styles like Charlie at $175 and Evelina tall boots at $250. Compared to samples these discounts were rather modest but you know, you get a nice shoebox and dust bags 😏 You can also find similar discounts online or at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack or Century 21. I've linked up many of the available styles (both samples and stock) in the gallery below.

While a large portion of the sale was dedicated to women's footwear there was also a big selection of men's shoes, including samples! Yes guys, you also get $75 samples. With this being my final sample stop I forgot to write down the size 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I am pretty sure that men's samples were size 7.5 size 9. Please correct me if I'm wrong! The sample selection wasn't as big as women's but there were some real gems. Scroll down to the very last photo to see most of these styles. As for the stock, prices started at $140 for shoes and went up to $250 for boots. Select styles like Chukka ($170) and Pony Hair Sneakers ($180) were also available.

Women's Evelina boots $250
Women's shoes start at $150

All samples are size 6.5 
Sample shoes and boots are just $75

Lots of women's sample shoes but only in size 6.5
Fur trim boots $75 (retail $1,500) 

Women's sample boots $75

Men's prices start at $140

Men's sample shoes $75

BOTTOM LINE: Ladies if you wear size 6-6.5 and guys if you'are size 7-7.5 then you must hit this sale and hit it hard! All samples are priced at $75 making some deals well over 90% off, particularly boots and booties that can retail up to $1,500. Savings on regular stock were not as appealing although fans of the label may still wish to take a peek. The sale runs through Sunday and there are likely to be some markdowns towards the end but I wouldn't bank on samples going much lower. Go now for best selection! Non-sample sizes can wait for further discounts.

150 Greene St.
Tuesday  10am - 7pm
Wednesday - Saturday  11am - 7pm
Sunday  11am - 5pm


  1. Great write-up! I will definitely check out the sale now. Happy Women's Day!

    1. Thanks Julia :) And a very Happy International Women's Day to you too!

      Glad you enjoyed the read! I've heard some success stories from a few size 7 friends so hopefully you'll find something that fits!


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