Marc Jacobs Sample Sale Means Trouble For Your Wallet

UPDATE: 4/22 Extra markdowns: Collection now 95% off, Marc by Marc Jacobs 90% off.

Good morning everyone! My name is Dinara and I’m a bag-a-holic. Some people obsess over a great pair of shoes, shiny baubles, or the latest beauty picks and I of course love those things too but my truest obsession has always revolved around a designer handbag. If you are like me then you won’t want to miss this week’s Marc Jacobs sample sale. In a rather surprising move the brand is back with another public sale only five months after their last bargain bonanza and dare I say but this sale is even better than the last! Discounts go as high as 90% off retail and the merchandise includes highly coveted Marc Jacobs Collection handbags and RTW. Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories and Little Marc items are discounted by 8o% off and it’s worth noting that there are two very important categories (shoes and beauty) missing from the event. The sale officially opens to the public at 11am today so let’s take a look at what you’ll find once you make it inside.

Yesterday afternoon I was very fortunate to attend the friends & family portion of the event. The sale takes up both floors of 260’s Greene street SoHo venue. I recommend going straight to the handbag section which you’ll find along the right wall, just past the registers. Atop the metal shelves sits a myriad of colorful Marc Jacobs Collection handbags, all discounted by 90% off retail. I could not believe my eyes when I saw those prices! In all the past public sales that I’ve attended bags from the main line were never more than 70-75% off. As I quipped to a fellow shopper “There are so many great bags with incredible prices that I’m utterly overwhelmed”. After blankly staring at the shelf for several minutes I began to make my selections because let’s face it, you know I’m not leaving this sale without a shiny new bag! The very top shelf was lined with rows of colorful large and medium sized Incognito bags that retail up to $3,000 but now they were only $300. How crazy is that?! These are also brand new (non-sample) bags with dust bags and all the proper documentation. Other styles included the various Trouble bags: from quilted shoulder bags to bow detail bags with chain straps and even exotic handbags. Average prices ranged from $170 to $300 but the aforementioned exotics can go up to $1,000. For instance a targe silver Trouble ostrich bag bears the retail value of $10,000! I also spotted embellished backpacks, micro bags, and fur bags. I imagine this section will get hit mighty hard once the sale opens to the public so you’ll want to be here this morning. On the table near the register you’ll find wallets that are also discounted by 90% off. Prices range from $50-$75 and most come in their original boxes. Styles included large continental and zip around wallets as well as some medium fold over styles. To read about the rest of this week’s offerings please scroll down.

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Head downstairs for Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags and accessories. There you’ll find an easy to navigate space with bags located all along the back wall and accessories neatly organized inside the plastic bins. Unlike the last sale, all items are brand new stock pieces (there are no samples) and discounts are flat 80% off retail which still makes the prices comparable to last November’s event. Prices start as low as $12 for the flat foldable nylon totes but can go up to $99 for large leather structured bags. To be perfectly honest I was not that tempted by the MBMJ selection because with the main line at 90% off I found those deals more enticing. Although of course the downstairs selection offers cheaper overall prices. Other accessories included belts, gloves, jewelry, make up pouches, scarves, hats, and towels. In the left hand corner you’ll also find Little Marc clothing, shoes, and accessories. Discounts are a flat 80% off retail.

Another highlight of the sale was of course all the gorgeous collection clothes. Embellished dresses, sequined pants, fur jackets, knitwear, and much more can be yours for only 90% off retail. Of course this doesn’t exactly translate into bargains when you’re looking at a $3,500 dress or a $1,400 sweater but if you have a job that requires dressing up or just enjoy wearing fancy attire you’ll love the selection. Sizes ranged from 0 to 14 and sadly there was no dressing room so you best get ready to crowd the two mirrors in the middle of the venue. Most pieces came from Resort ’15, Spring ’15, Fall ’15, and resort ’16 collections. The coats were a particular highlight and if you’re lucky to find your size make a worthy investment. Meanwhile Marc by Marc Jacobs apparel was discounted by 85% off retail. So while the discounts were lower MBMJ prices certainly seemed more affordable with items starting around $40 and going up to just over $100. Since Marc Jacobs shuttered his diffusion line two years ago the selection included some older pieces dating back as far as 2012 although many pieces appeared to come from the 2014 collections. The photos below should give you a good idea of what to expect.

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Men’s clothing can be found along the left wall. The discounts are the same as women’s: 90% off Marc Jacobs and 85% off Marc by Marc Jacobs. The selection was of course much smaller than women’s but guys will find plenty of t-shirts, shirts, knitwear, jeans, pants, jackets, and outerwear. There is no dressing room so be prepared to fight for mirror space with the ladies. Men’s shoes were not available at this sale.

BOTTOM LINE: This is one incredible sale that you don’t want to miss! If last year’s event ranked among my top five sales this one is even better! Go early for handbags because at 90% off they may not last through the end of Tuesday. Statement worthy RTW was also being snapped up by the F&F crowd so don’t wait too long. As far as the diffusion pieces I can think you can afford to wait for further markdowns. The sale runs through Sunday so we’re bound to get some price cuts closer to the weekend.

150 Greene St.
Tuesday 11am – 8pm
Wednesday – Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

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