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UPDATE: Markdowns have started around 3pm.

The Choo Choo train is here! Jimmy Choo sample sale opened its doors Tuesday morning and much to nobody’s surprise this event drew huge crowds of bargain loving fashionistas. At opening the line stretch halfway down 18th street and when I was leaving an hour later it had reached 6th Avenue. The good news is that prices have not changed. Women’s shoes start at $200 while men’s are all priced at $150. The not so good news is that the selection hadn’t changed much either. Besides shoes, the sale also offered handbags, clutches, small leather goods, and other accessories. So get on board and let’s take a look at what you’ll find!

I’ve had the pleasure of shopping this sale for many, many years and perhaps this makes my opinion somewhat biased but to be perfectly honest I was left underwhelmed. Jimmy Choo sample sales are not for the feint of heart! A chaotic atmosphere, a crowded venue, and over-eager shoppers elbowing their way to the tables don’t make for the most friendly experience. I arrived to find the  showroom floor in a perpetual state of chaos as the general public began to make their way inside. There were shoes or rather Choos strewn out on tables, thrown on the floor, or in boxes waiting to be unloaded by the staff. Tables were “organized” (that’s really a reach here lol) by size although shoes were just lying all over the place. At least there were signs on each table denoting the size. The venue was more akin to a battlefield with piles of shoes everywhere you look. The nice thing is that Jimmy Choo always offers one of the widest size selections: starting at 34 and going up to 43.5. The only issue is that not all sizes are equally represented. For example if you have the misfortune of being size 36 or 38 be ready for disappointment. There’s very little variety and not much in terms of the more coveted styles. Other sizes will fare much better. Many shoes showed heavy signs of wear or were simply damaged. I remember the days when the so called damaged shoes had their own category and were priced at $90 or below but nowadays everything is just mixed together.
So is the sale worth it? Those of you in need of wedding or special occasion shoes might enjoy the rush and selection! I’ve heard from several Choo first timers who were ecstatic to shop this sale but fellow “old timers” echoed my sentiment. Here are all the basics you need know: Prices start at $200 for women’s generic styles. Jeweled and runway styles are $325 while all other shoes are $250. Booties are priced at $325 and boots are $375. All shoes are tied together by colorful plastic zip ties. Green is $200, Pink $250, Orange $325. A new edition this year was a small selection of special footwear priced at $500. These included heavily embellished runway styles like that retail up to $2,000. I’ve linked up some of the styles seen at the sale but basically you have a chance of seeing anything from the last 5 years.

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While I prefer to wait for markdowns when it comes to shoes I usually find the small leather goods section a real treasure trove. In years past I scored beautiful wallets on chain, continental wallets, charms, keychains all for under $75. This time sadly the selection was lackluster. All SLGs are $100 regardless of size. So a large wallet is priced the same as a tiny key pouch? Not cool in my book! The sad thing is that those wallets were either slightly worn looking or plain ugly repeats. Also available were $100 sunglasses (meh), $50 belts (I literally only saw like 5 belts total), and $75 scarves (again there were just 2-3 of them). Unless there is major restocking or markdowns you can skip this section.

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In the middle of the venue and along the right wall you’ll find women’s handbags. Prices start at $250 for small with medium and evening bags at $350 and large $450. There is a $200 add-on for exotic skins. Much like with shoes, most items showed signs of wear or damage. Most styles were repeats from past sales, like Riley SatchelSolar Hobo, Sara Tote, Zena Pouch, and Candy Clutch amongst others . Evening bags and clutches were slightly more interesting and if you can find one in pristine condition it’s worth it! Near the registers you’ll find a tiny selection of specially marked embellished evening bags priced at $700.

Men’s shoes were all priced at $150 and can be found all the way in the back. There was a huge selection of styles. Not as big as women’s of course but much bigger than previous years. Sizes started at 39 and went up to 45 with sizes 43-43.5 being the most abundant. There were some great deals especially if you fit their sample size. 

Sizes 34-43.5 
Prices remain unchanged 

My picks for special occasion shoes
Another classic style 
Orange tie $325 
Pink tie $250

Green tie $200 but please don’t waste money on these, they used to sell for $75
Many shoes are repeats from past sales
Sizes 36 and 38 don’t have much of a selection 

Boots $375 

Moon boots! How cute!
It’s a mess!
Men’s shoes
All $150 

Stunning! but $700
Small bags $250
Clutches $350

Large bags $450

Small leather goods $100

Dirty but still $100 ugh 
Small ones should be cheaper! 

Shoes are being restocked
Yes, the lines are long
BOTTOM LINE: Ladies unless you are shopping for special occasion or wedding shoes this sale is not worth the long lines but if/when markdowns begin you should definitely stop by. Gentlemen if you wear size 43-44 you’ll want to check out this sale. Men’s shoes are all $150 and with likely additional markdowns you’re in for some major deals! 
Metropolitan Pavilion 
123 West 18th St., 4th Floor
Tuesday  11am – 7pm
Wednesday  8am – 7pm
Thursday  8am – 6pm

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