First Round Of Markdowns At Rebecca Minkoff

tables of handbags

UPDATE: 5/14 Extra 10% off the lowest sale prices ($35-$125). 5/12 Markdowns on bags (now $45-$180) and SLGs. All shoes now $50, sample shoes $30.

Hello my little minkses! Hope you are enjoying your week and are ready to stock up on more bags at this week’s Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. I just got word that the first round of markdowns started this morning so plan your lunch break and after work activities accordingly! The sale offers a huge selection of overstock handbags, accessories, shoes, clothing, and yes…….everyone’s favorite: original samples. There is also a small selection of Ben Minkoff men’s bags and shoes. Average discounts are up to 70% off retail although select categories and samples can go much higher than that so let’s take a look at everything you’ll be able to find.

Let’s start with a big thank you to Julia who brought word of this morning’s markdowns! There is now a special clearance table with last chance bags ranging in price from $50-$150. All belts and jewelry are $10, mini initial Macs are down to $50, sample $40 shoes have finally arrived but selection is very small and sizes primarily 37/39. Apparel has also been marked down: t-shirts are $15, jeans $30, tops/pants/skirts $50, jackets $75, short dresses $50, long dresses $100, and leather $175. No markdowns yet on samples, shoes, or stock handbags. 

price list
The venue is a perpetual sea of bags with wall to wall tables covered in overstock styles. All the classics like mini MAC, MAB, quilted Affair, Regan, Love, are all there for your shopping pleasure. Discounts are based off of the original retail. For example a bag that sells for $295 will now be $150. Please take a look at the price list photos for a full breakdown but basically Mini Macs are $100 (retail $195), Quilted Affair $100 (retail $195), Moto Satchel $165 (retail $335), Small Love Crossbody $100 (retail $195), Quilted Jumbo Love $185 (retail $355), Large Julian Backpack $150 (retail $295), etc. As you can see the discounts still leave much to be desired  and prices are on par with the online discounts and Rebecca Minkoff online sample sale.

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So what do you do if you want a bargain? Head over to the samples area of course! All the way in the back you’ll find two table with sample bags and small leather goods. All samples are marked with colorful plastic ties: red is $75, blue $50, and purple $15. Don’t expect to see any $15 sample bags though. Most items sporting the purple ties consist of accessories such as pouches, wallets, coin purses, guitar straps, phone cases, etc. The sample handbags are priced at either $50 or $75 with larger sized bag being the “priciest“. I spotted a few classic styles but do be aware that some may have broken locks, stains or missing straps. Those of you familiar with this sale know the kind of pandemonium that prevails at the samples table so you better be prepared! Some have described it as Hunger Games but I picture an old scene from Trafalgar Square as a swarm of pigeons descends on a handful of breadcrumbs! Watch out or you’ll get pecked lol

In a space usually occupied by the dressing room you’ll find tables of footwear. Women’s flats, sandals, and sneakers are $50 while heels and boots are $75. Men’s shoes are also $75. There was a full range of sizes but certain styles offer a better selection. Sample shoes are priced at $40 and have only been brought out this morning! There were only around 20 pairs but it’s possible there’s more stock coming in later. Among the stock styles bots are probably your best deal at just $75. There were some trendy velvet and embroidered styles perfect for Fall.

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Clothing can be found along the left wall. Near the coat check was a rack with jackets and leather. Now $75 and $175 respectively. Markdowns have arrived and most tops and bottoms are now $50 with jeans at $30. Short dresses are $50 and long $100. There was only lonely rack of samples: $15 purple zip ties and $30 blue zip ties. People hang stuff all over the place so make sure that a garment actually has a plastic zip tie since samples and stock tend to get mixed up.

Near the registers is where you’ll find $10 jewelry, scarves, belts, and hats. There are also plastic bins with SLG’s and tech accessories. Guitar bag straps have their own bin and were going for $55 which is still too pricey IMHO. Expect further price cuts on select styles as the sale progresses. There is no dressing room, just a single mirror near the shoe table. I’ll update this post as soon as I get word of more markdowns. Meanwhile happy shopping and good luck finding those last minute Mother’s Day gifts!

macs and mabs

bags pastel

tables of bags

quilted loves

sea of cheap bags


sample bags
Sample bags $50/$75
Ben Minkoff men's bags

duffle bags
Duffle bags
pop pom keychains
Were $25
tech phone cases

accessories belts, guitar straps
Belts now $10
Activewear in bins
shoes boots
Boots and men’s shoes are $75
shoes heels
Women’s heels $75

crowded sale
A view from above
sample clothes
Rack of samples
Sample dress on the right with a blue plastic zip tie: $30 
shirts and tops


womens clothes

clothing outerwear
No sale is complete without resellers…
Don’t forget to enter!
mini love bag
Will wait for markdowns 😉
mini love
BOTTOM LINE: As the markdowns have already arrived it’s definitely time to check out this sale. Hit the $10 sections first as they’re likely to sell out. Sample handbag selection was underwhelming and I recommend waiting for markdowns. Same applies to stock bags although the selection is of course much better. Boots are a good deal but wait for price cuts on sandals.
260 Fifth Ave.
Tuesday – Friday  10am – 8pm
Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday  11am – 4pm

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  • Anonymous , Direct link to comment

    Rebecca Minkoff bags have terrible resale value, so good luck reselling her bags on eBay. They are not like Coach bags so I imagine they are going to lose some money after the fees. Oh well! Lol. Sad thing is they can't return it if they don't sell. Oh well. Idiots.

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