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Nest Fragrances beauty flatlay Practically haute

UPDATE: Sale extended through 5/14 and moved to 151 Wooster Street. S’ip by S’well now $10, select Nest categories extra 50% off.

If you’re looking for affordable last minute gifts for Mother’s Day then do I have a sale for you! New York based Nest Fragrances are back with another sale at 260 but this time prices are so much lower! You’ll find everything from Nest’s classic candles in signature scents to perfumes and body sprays, scrubs, soaps, gift sets, and even actual samples. Joining them at this week’s sale is S’ip by S’well, S’well Water Bottle’s more colorful spinoff (scroll to the bottom for info).

Initially my plan was to simply pop by the venue, snap a few quick photos and be then n my way but once I took a look at the price lists that all changed. If you’ve attended Nest’s previous sample sales you know that discounts are generally subpar, prices unimpressive, and you pretty much have to wait for markdowns to get any kind of bargain. The good news is that this week prices are almost half of last year’s sale prices. Classic candles are $20 (that’s $5 lower than last time), reed diffusers are $25 ($10 lower), grand candles are $60 ($15 lower), and 100ml EDPs are just $20 (that’s not just $20 lower but over 80% off retail!). Passiflora and Amazonia Lily perfumes are still selling for $120 in stores and online but at the sample sale you can find them for $20. Talk about a great bargain! Passiflora 100 ml stock was running low last afternoon so you don’t want to wait too long. There were lots of different fragrance gift sets priced $15-$30. Please check out the photos and linked product gallery for examples. I love all things mini and think they’re a great way to sample all of Nest scents before committing to a full size fragrance. Of course when the full size is just $20 you really don’t have to think that much! At the edge of the table you’ll also find the now discontinued Body & Soul Sprays. Unlike the rest of the fragrances they don’t come in a box and have a small “tester” label on the back but they are unused products. While they work for gifts I think $10 is a great price for deliciously smelling body spray. They were available in 100ml Wasabi & Pear and Moss & Mint.

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price list
prices are much lower than previous sales at 260 Sample Sale
Nest Fragrances sample sale
Passiflora $20 (retail $120)
rollerball perfume set
Perfume gift set $15 
White Narcisse perfume and body gift set
Limited Edition White Narcisse gift set
rollerball sets

Body & Soul Sprays
Body & Soul sprays $10

On the next table, towards the back of the venue you’ll find $7 liquid soaps and hand lotions, as well as a full stack of $5 Sprig body scrub jars in Anjou Pear & Sandalwood and Jasmine Mimosa. The soaps and lotions come without an original box and I noticed that a few were leaking product so just something to be aware of. The scents included: Woodland Truffle, Japanese Black Currant, Lemongrass & Ginger, Blue Garden, Cedarleaf & Lavender, Sahara Spice, and Apricot Tea.

liquid soap
liquid soap $7
hand lotion
hand lotion $7
Sprig body scrub
Sprig body scrub $5

The rest of the venue was of course dedicated to Nest candles. There were $7 single votives, $20 classics, $35 3-wick, $50 4-wick, and $60 grand candles as well as various gift sets. Set pricing can be somewhat confusing as it’s listed in a range from $15 to $125 so please ask one of the associates for help. Scents included: Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, Cedarleaf & Lavender, Grapefruit, Sicilian Tangerine, Cashmere Suede, Moss & Mint, Tarragon & Ivy, Lemongrass & Ginger, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid & Almond, Blue Garden, Woodland Truffle, Apricot Tea, and Holiday. If you prefer to pay even less then head over to the “samples” section near the registers. There you’ll find $10 classic candles in Wasabi & Pear. They don’t have an original box and this is the only scent available but they’re also half the cost of other classic candles. Tommy Bahama candle tins and Calvin Klein pillar candles are just $5 and worth a look. Among the sale’s most expensive items were these Calvin Klein marble 4-wick candles for $125 (photo #6). I honestly don’t get this one as it looks kinda ugly and I thought retail was $125 so why such a high price?

grapefruit candle set

Sicilian Tangerine
Grand candle in Sicilian Tangerine $60
Orange Blossom small votive
Orange Blossom small votive $7
Wasabi and Pear samples
Wasabi & Pear sample candles $10
Calvin Klein pillar candle
Calvin Klein pillar candle $5
Tommy Bahama and Calvin Klein editions
Tommy Bahama and Calvin Klein
large candles
Large 3-wick and 4-wick candles $35/$50
Nest candle sets
Lots of scent variety
discount candles

bargain candles
Finally there were $25 reed diffusers available in scents like Sahara Spice, Vanilla Orchard & Almond, Bamboo, and Moroccan Amber. If you don’t care for fancy packaging you can get a sample diffuser in Lemongrass & Ginger for $12.50. In case you were curious they did not have Nest’s latest innovation: the liquid free diffuser. As I headed for the register I also noticed that there were $2 items available in the morning but sadly they’re all gone now. Many items are being restocked but for more “cheapies” Nest would have to send over a new shipment. Most likely we’ll see further markdowns near the weekend.

Sahara Spice
Nest reed diffusers $25
Moss & Mint

Lemongrass & Ginger
Lemongrass & Ginger reed diffusers $25 or $12.50 for samples without the box
Nest sample sale

Corsica diffuser at Nest sample sale
Limited edition Corsica reed diffuser

With everyone going crazy over Nest, S’ip by S’well didn’t see that much action. Last year S’well launched its new line of water bottles exclusively for Target. They come in just one size: 15oz and feature fun patterns and colors. They retail for $25 and at this week’s sample sale you can buy them for  $15. S’ip bottles don’t carry the same guarantee of keeping your water hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 like the regular S’well bottles but I’ve also read reviews where people haven’t noticed much difference. I have no personal experience with either but if you want a fancy water bottle it’s worth a look.

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Sip by Swell bottle with dog print
15 oz bottles $15 
Sip by Swell
bottles come in one size only
Sip by Swell
lots of fun patterns and colors

BOTTOM LINE: This is the best Nest sample sale yet! Prices are almost half of what they usually are with discounts going up to and in the case of perfumes over 80% off retail. Some cheaper priced categories have already sold out so don’t wait too long. The stock items make for great Mother’s Day gifts while samples are a great inexpensive way to spruce up your own home. Sale runs through Saturday.
May 9 – 14
151 Wooster St.
Tuesday  10am – 8pm
Wednesday – Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday  10am – 5pm

260 Fifth Ave.
Tuesday – Friday  10am – 8pm
Saturday  10am – 5pm

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