Club Clio K-Beauty Warehouse Sale Will Blow Your Mind

Club Clio Goodal kbeauty sample sale haul

Through the end of August, Club Clio is hosting a two week long warehouse sale at their flagship Union Square store. The location has been under renovation for the past couple of months and what better way to celebrate the reopening than with a major sample sale! The k-beauty giant carries their own house brands like Clio Professional, Peripera, and Goodal as well as Soo Ae, Dr. G, Derma Dr. Lab, and Freeset. All the aforementioned brands can be found at the sale where the deals are truly out of this word. The savings will blow your mind but not your wallet 😉 If you are a fan of Korean beauty or just enjoy a good old fashioned bargain than drop whatever you’re doing and run to Union Square! I’m talking makeup for under $1 😲, skincare deals like 3 items for $10 (where each item normally costs around $30), cushions for only $10! You get the gist?! Some products and colors have already sold out but there is restocking so go go go!

You guys know how much I love a good sample sale, especially a beauty sale promising savings of up to 90% off! Once I got word of their warehouse sale I knew I had to be there but I’ll admit that I was unprepared for such a bargain bonanza. Let’s just say that I found myself in k-beauty discount heaven! Since the store renovations have just been completed it is not yet set up with the new displays or furniture but that’s a good thing! Because it means more merchandise and more bargains, giving the whole space a real warehouse vibe. So let’s get to the good stuff, AKA the DEALS.
Everything was arranged by category either in boxes or on the shelves. Prices started at just $1 or even less since you could get 2 items for $1 from the special bargain section near the window that included things like Peripera nail art stickers, Clio single and multi eyeshadows, lipsticks, pencils, concealers, nail polish, and much more. Definitely give yourselves 5-10 minutes to dig through the boxes and find some cheap hidden treasures. My personal favorites included Clio eyeshadow trios from their limited-edition Art series collection.

Be sure to mention me, Practically Haute, and you’ll get a FREE sheetmask with your purchase!

There was a ton of makeup from Peripera and Clio Professional: lipsticks, stains, glosses, eyeshadow (singles and sets), eyeliners (not liquid), mascara, brow pens, cushions, foundation (powder, cream, and liquid), primers, blush, nail polish, and pretty much everything else you can think of. The big issue at this point is colors. Finding a black eyeliner or a dark brown brow pencil will prove challenging if not impossible. Liquid eyeliners like the popular Kill Black and Twisturn series were sadly unavailable when I was there. Lip products on the other hand were in abundance! The entire right wall was taken up by lipsticks like Clio Virgin Kiss, Tension Lips, Lip Syrup Sticks, Tension Oil Tints, Peripera Lumi Pang and Rouge Pang, as well as Peri’s Tint. I did not see the more popular Peri’s Ink during my visit but I was told that it was restocked during the weekend. Oh and all the lippies were part of the 3 for $5 deal! Clio Art series lipsticks, Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip, and Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips were an even better deal at 3 for $3. Finally the Lipnicure glosses/stains were all 2 for $1. Although personally I found the latter a very disappointing product and would not recommend even if its $0.50. Cushion lovers rejoice because both Water Kill and All That Cover cushions were only $10. The one downside is if you’re extra pale, they did not have shade #1 but if you were 2-4 then you’re in luck! If $10 is too rich for your blood 😉 then check out the 3 for $5 section where you’ll find older cushions and BB/CC creams like Peripera Snow White Pride Up, Watery Face Pride Up, Clio All In Balm, VF21, and Kill Cover Highest Wear liquid foundation.

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The hot sellers were in the skincare section that included Goodal’s popular Waterest line of products. All skincare was part of the 3 products for $10 deal. Many items retail from $20 to $50 individually so this is a great time to stock up! Just be aware that most have the manufacture date of 2015, meaning you’d have to use them up within a year. My personal favorites include Goodal Waterest Essence and Emulsion, Lotus Oil, and Moisture Barrier Cream. Dr.G products were sold out when i stopped by but they have since been restocked. Theur include items from their acne and blemish series. Goodal skincare sets have also been replenished.

Don’t forget to look at the bodycare selection that includes lotions, mists, and body wash in wonderful scents like orchid, daffodil, and lily. Finally we also have everyone’s favorite category: the sheet masks! And what’s even better is that they had my favorites! No, I’m not embellishing for the blog here, I seriously mean these are my top three sheet masks! I’m talking about Goodal Calming Watery Blue Flower masks that normally retail for $20 per box of 5 and now they’re available for $10 for 3 boxes! There were other varieties like Cherry Blossom and Night Flower. Soo Ae Snail and Donkey Milk masks were also on hand.

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Club Clio 2017 warehouse sale
Everything is $10 or under with most items well over 90% off retail!
Club Clio sample sale masks
Goodal and Soo Ae sheet masks 3 for $10 (each box has 5 masks)
Club Clio sample sale skincare
Goodal Waterest, Moisture Barrier, and Refine Pore lines
Club Clio sample sale Goodal Phyto skincare
Goodal Phytorain and Phytoshine products are 3 for $5
Club Clio sample sale Goodal oils
Goodal Toning Lotus Water Oil 3 for $5 (retail $30)
Club Clio sample sale cushions
Clio Water Kill cushion foundation just $10 (retail $50)
Club Clio sample sale Water Kill cushion
Available in shades 2/3/4
Club Clio sample sale eyeliner brow pencil
More foundations in the 3 for $5 section
Club Clio sample sale Peri's tint
Peri’s tints are so cute! and only 3 for $5 (retail $16)
Club Clio sample sale more Korean lipsticks
Tons of lipsticks in every shade of pink, berry, orange, and red
Rouge pang lumi pang lips kbeauty sale
Peripera Lumi Pang and Rouge Pang 3 for $5 (retail $14-$16)
Club Clio sample sale Peripera rouge pang
An entire wall of lipstick, stain, and gloss!
Club Clio sample sale lipsticks

Club Clio sample sale foundations
Peripera cushions and BB/CC creams 3 for $5
Club Clio sample sale Ostia
Ostia cucumber gel and mist 3 for $5
Club Clio sample sale lipsticks

Club Clio sample sale Peripera
Peripera Peri’s Ink BB cream in shades 1 and 2
Club Clio sample sale makeup lipsticks
3 for $3 section has more lipsticks and eyeshadow singles
Club Clio sample sale makeup
Clio Gelpresso eyeliners are 3 for $10
Club Clio sample sale $1 section
Tons of bargains in the 2 for $1 section
Club Clio sample sale hair products
They even had hair spray! 3 for $10
Club Clio sample sale Goodal body care
Great body care options from Goodal all 3 for $10
Club Clio sample sale wall
Now here is a look at some of my haul that came out to a little over $50 (with retail value somewhere around $500)! Crazy but the good kind of crazy 🙂 The Art series shadows and lipsticks are worth it for packaging alone! Think of what great gifts they’ll make plus at $0.50-$1 each do you really need to think about it? I took a chance on the BB cream as it was a good match for my skintone. As I mentioned before I absolutely love Goodal skincare products and their fermented oils are the few that i can actually use. I have not tried their body care products yet and look forward to discovering them for myself. And of course the sheet masks. If you’re following me on Instagram then you know of my enormous stash lol but these are seriously my favorite masks so I had to have them. How did you do? Id love to hear about your hauls!

Club Clio kbeauty haul
Clio Art Shadow eyeshadow 2 for $1 (retail $22 each)
Club Clio kbeauty haul lipsticks
Clio Art limited-edition lipsticks 3 for $3
Club Clio kbeauty haul BB cream
Peri’s Ink BB retail $15 
Club Clio kbeauty haul mask
Goodal Calming wash off pack retail $18
Club Clio kbeauty haul sheet masks
Goodal sheet masks usually cost $5 each or $20 per box but I got 3 for $10
Club Clio kbeauty haul body care
Goodal body products retail for $15 each
Club Clio kbeauty haul skincare
Goodal fermented skincare retails for $26-$30 I got 3 for $10
BOTTOM LINE: If you’re going to shop one beauty sale this year make it Club Clio! The deals are unbelievable. I mean not only do you get savings of 90% off but everything is $10 or under. Skincare is selling out but there’s weekly restocking so it might be worth it to make a second trip.

Through August 31
11 East 14th St.
Daily 10am – 8pm

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