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iPad desk flatlayHello my dear readers! Hope you’re soaking up those last rays of summer and enjoying the long weekend. It’s been ages since I actually posted anything but I did have one very good reason. As you could probably deduce from the title, I made a move to WordPress. Those of you familiar with the realm of blogging will recognize it as the premiere platform used by most fashion, beauty, and travel bloggers. It was finally time to bid adieu to the old turd that is Blogger. While I don’t want to bore you with a lot of technical details I would like to show you around the new site! Things may look very similar from the outside but it’s what’s inside that counts! Right?

Last year I spent a good deal of time redesigning my blog and ended up with some pretty stellar results (at least visually speaking). I even fooled some of you into thinking that I moved to WordPress because the new template just did not look like anything made by Blogger, which was obviously the point. Of curse once you’ve hit the comments section it became painfully blatant that I was still using the dreadful blogspot.

A quick word of advice to any aspiring bloggers – DO NOT use Blogger (or for that matter). Your future self will thank you.

The biggest reason for my frustration was the amount of time that it took to do anything. Adding photos, links, or just simply writing text came with a slew of issues and hours of tedious work. Where a WordPress (.org) user can power up a plugin and be done in literally a minute I am instead typing up html, css, and other code because that’s the only way to get things to “look pretty”. Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a hosting plan (will do a review after a few months). I’ll be honest, moving an existing blog (from an archaically outdated platform) is not easy! I felt like crying a few times but luckily my new host provides 24/7 live support so I don’t have to be on my own. That’s enough of the boring stuff though so let’s take a look at all the cool things that make WordPress awesome and will make Practically Haute a lot more user-friendly.


Events Calendar

I know how much you love sample sales. Hey, I do too! So now there’s a better way to list the upcoming events. From the main menu go to Shopping > Events and you’ll get a list of all current and upcoming sales. There are three different views: list/month/day so take your pick! Each sale now has an individual page. The cool thing is that I’ll be able to add price list photos and other info right to that post! On the front page you’ll find a nice slider with 10 upcoming events. Everything is responsive, meaning you’ll get optimized views whether on your phone or on a desktop computer. Oh and you can even search! Come on, take a look and test drive the new events pages! This is something I would have never been able to do on Blogger.

sample sale events calendar
What you’ll see in the desktop view
This is what you’ll see on your phone


SEO or search engine optimization is huge! Its what gives WordPress platform such an advantage over the competition. It relates to how and where your content shows up on Google, Bing, etc. search and how easy it is to find for others. With Blogger you had limited control but now all I have to do is install a plugin like Yoast SEO and it does everything for me! Even as I type this post its guiding me on how to write better, how to optimize keywords, and just makes things easier long term. Hopefully the will translate to more readers and a bigger audience.


website design practically haute

Responsive Design

I mentioned this earlier but I cannot stress how important it is for any website. More than 60% of my website traffic comes from mobile devices so it’s important that they can view the same content as desktop users but optimized specifically for their individual devices. I actually accomplished most of this with my previous theme on Blogger but WordPress takes it to the next level. So get out your hones, tablets, laptops and take a look at how this site looks in each device. Pretty cool, huh?!




Now that I’m (almost) done with the technical side of things I can finally focus back on content! This means more posts, better posts, the long awaited shopping guides, reviews, and my personal long term goal: the travel section. Here are the things that you can look forward to in the coming days:


Sample Sale Info Guides – I want to focus on more long term content. Let’s face it, once a sale ends no one wants to read about what they could have bought. But insider tips, best sale round ups, venue reviews, and maybe even some info on private sales are things that will be useful for years to come.

Store and Shopping Guides – I’d love to make this blog a must-read destination for both locals and tourists looking for insider tips on where to shop, how to get a better deal, and what’s worth buying and when.

Travel – Don’t worry I’m not about to turn this into a travel blog but I want to share tips on overseas shopping and of course international sample sales. Did you know that Paris has sample sales from the likes of Lanvin, Givenchy, and Fendi? Or that unlike New York they’re actually open to the public?! How about those cheap bargains in Hong Kong? Yeah lets talk about that!

Beauty – If you’ve seen my Instagram then it’s no surprise that I’m often mistaken for a beauty blogger. But look at my blog and the only beauty related posts are about sample sales and freebies lol. I have been fortunate to connect with some amazing brands and I feel like I should be talking about them more. Again, not turning into a reviewer but I would like to highlight some of my favorite products and finds a few times a month.

Fashion – Dead last! How appropriate lol. No really, it would be nice to devote more posts to fashion and style because after all what’s the point of finding all these designer deals if I’m not going to showcase them. Forget beauty reviews, how about handbag reviews! Let’s take that Balenciaga City and Town for a spin and see what the purse holds!


I think that pretty much covers it. To recap: nothing is actually changing much except you can expect far more than a single post every other month! Let me know what questions you have! You know I love hearing from you guys :) Oh and did I mention how nice the new comment section is? Seriously see for yourselves and say something nice ;)


Happy shopping!


PS: There might be a few growing pains related to e-mail notifications. If you’re signed up to my old list you will still get e-mails but I’m in the market for a better delivery system.

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